Houston duo wants to stick together

To be honest, this is one of the more unique interviews we have conducted. We started out talking to a good young post prospect and before it was over we talked to an NBA prospect and the son of an NBA legend.

The Houston Hoops are loaded. Everyone knows about Nic Wise and Damion James. They are a young team and have a ton of 2007 prospects who will garner big time attention.

Two of these kids are Isaiah Rusher and Jai Lucas. Rusher is a big, athletic big man, while Jai (pronounced Jay) is a point guard who scarily resembles his older brother, former Oklahoma State guard John Lucas Jr.

Rusher passes the eyeball test. He tall, long and can move. He's put together. He's got some nice muscle on him and looks like he could be a pretty good prospect a year from now.

When asked about recruiting Rusher admits, "I really have no clue."

He then pointed his head over to Jai and added.

"Where my brother goes, I'm going, that's all I can say."

Lucas and Rusher aren't really brothers, but they are as close as two brothers can be. Since the Lucas' moved back to Houston (dad is former NBA standout and coach John Lucas) the two have been inseparable.

When pressed a little bit more, he balks and calls over John Lucas Jr., the Oklahoma State guard who led the Cowboys to last year's Final Four and should be on an NBA roster a year from now.

"What type of schools are Jai and I looking for?" Rusher asked.

"All of the big schools," Lucas Jr. answered. "Mostly the Big 12."

At that point we had to ask about the role Oklahoma State would play in the recruitment. After all, Lucas Jr. had a stellar rejuvenation there after originally playing for Baylor.

"I know if they go there they'll be under a good coaching staff and get better," said Lucas Jr. "They have done so much for so many people, like myself, Joey (Graham), Ivan (McFarlane) and Tony Allen. If they do have an opportunity to go there, I would push that. Wherever they decide to go I am going to be their number one fan."

At this point Jai strolled over and assumed the role of interviewee. We naturally started asking about the schools he and Rusher were considering.

"There's a lot of schools looking at us," Jai Lucas confessed. "Kansas and Texas and Arizona and Oklahoma State and North Carolina." A lot of kids say they are a package deal, but not many of them end up sticking together. Last year the hot duo was C.J. Miles and Kevin Rogers. The two told anyone who would listen that they were a package…until Rogers' stock dropped. As solid as Miles and Rogers sounded at the start of last summer, Rusher and Lucas have them beat.

"I would love to go to school with Isaiah," the younger Lucas continued. "So I think we will go to school together."

Still skeptical we asked if there was a 100% chance they were sticking together.

"110%," Jai finished.

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