Devon Evertsen interview, Part I

Earlier in the year, Cat Tracks had a chance to watch Evertsen play in person and promised to keep in contact with Arizona's biggest Division I prospect throughout the off-season. The following is the interview with Devon (pronounced: Dev-in; not Dev-ON) from Tuesday February 19th. Oh by the way, he picked Arizona to beat ASU by eight points on Wednesday…Final score: Arizona 83, ASU 75. Right on, Dev.

Cat Tracks: What have you been doing since the last time we saw you as far as improving your game?

Evertsen: "We're already in the gym doing workouts. We're working on our shots, footwork, quickness, things like that. The coaches give us individual workouts also and we have notebooks that we have to leave in the gym each day with goals that are revised weekly. For me, I'm just trying to work on my all-around game."

Cat Tracks: You look like you aren't done growing and putting on muscle, what are you up to now?

Evertsen: "Yeah, I've already put on weight since you last saw me. I'm to 197 now from 185 during the season when we were in the gym all the time. I work hard at home with my own workouts too. I'm 6'6" right now but I'm definitely still growing. I should be around 6'8" by the time I get to college. My mom is medium-sized but my dad…he's a big dude. He's like 6'4", 270. He used to play football and basketball and went on a visit to Washington before his knees went out. My grandpa also played basketball at Navy a long time ago."

Cat Tracks: Someone who's 6'8" and 220 (Evertsen's ideal weight for a year from now) with your athleticism all the sudden becomes very attractive to colleges. Who is still recruiting you and showing you the most interest?

Evertsen: "USC's called and seen me play, Kansas, Notre Dame, Arizona. The game you guys came to see me play in I didn't play that well [14 points, nine rebounds on 4-13 shooting]. I was six for six shooting threes when USC came to watch me and I was trying to go for the school record (nine in a game) but Coach took me out."

**[Part two comes tomorrow when Devon discusses the possibility of playing for Arizona and who some of his teammates will be during the all-star circuit this spring and summer]**

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