Prospect To Watch: Malik Story

Projecting a recruit as a freshman is not easy. So much can happen between the ages of 14 and 17. It is a lot easier when the players are big men. It's pretty easy to tell a kid is going to be good when he's 6-10 before he's old enough to get his learner's permit, but it's tougher when the player in question is on the wing.

Malik Story is impressive. The 6-5 wing could very well be one of the best players in the 2008 class. At least for now. Despite only playing one year of high school basketball, the Artesia High product has garnered a good reputation. already ranks him as a four-star prospect and he's earned a prestigious slot on the SoCal All-Stars first team. On a team loaded with D-I talent, he is one of two freshmen making an impact.

A number of teams are already on him.

"I've got Kansas University, UCLA, USC, Washington and a couple of other colleges," Story said.

As of now Arizona is not sending a lot of letters, but the Wildcat coaches were able to see him play while scouting Chase Budinger and Taylor King and we've heard they may pay him a visit at his high school in the next month.

Obviously a lot will change between now and 2008, but Story knows what he wants in a program.

"Somewhere I can be comfortable playing basketball," Story said succinctly. "Somewhere I can get my education and everything."

Story has a very nice build for such a young player. Most players at that age are rail thin, but it is obvious Story has been in a weight room.

He's also a tremendous shooter. He's better from behind that arc, but can hit from mid-range at times. He's much, much better as a spot-up shooter at this time, but you can see that with work he should be able to be a well-rounded scorer.

"My dribbling, I need to work on that," Story confessed. "I just have to go out and do what I know I can do. I just have to go out, play hard and try and get better."

Right now Story looks like he can be special. Just remember that 2008 is a long way off and there are no guarantees in recruiting.

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