Hardworking Nic Wise

It's been a wild ride for Nic Wise. He went from being an elite prospect to dropping out of the top-100. Now the Arizona pledge is working his way back up the recruiting rankings.

The young point guard was considered an elite prospect in the 2006 class when he chose Arizona over Texas in what was then a heated recruiting battle. He was seen as one of the best young point guards at the time.

However, as time progressed, Wise's stock has dropped. Most of it was due to other players developing and maturing, but part of it was due to the fact that Wise was not growing. He's still around 5-10 and stocky.

Of course Wise has done nothing but perform. He led Kingwood High School to a Texas State title and was named USA Today's high school player of the week during the season. The AAU circuit has been just as kind. His Houston Hoops team had a great showing at Boo Williams and won the Las Vegas Spring Showcase.

There have been rumors that Wise was wavering on his commitment in the past, but most of that was speculation and the fact that his lead recruiter, Josh Pastner was rumored for the Houston job. Make no mistake about it, Wise is firmly a Wildcat.

"I'm still feeling the same as when I first committed my freshman year," Wise said. "It's been good to talk to Josh and Coach Olson every week, so right now my commitment is still pretty strong."

He's played so well in the AAU Tournaments, but does not have anything to prove. He already has his scholarship locked up and all he has to gain now is recruiting rankings. Instead of showboating for the college coaches he is using it as a chance to get better.

"I just hope to go and learn from the camps the tools I need to get better, and to play against the best players to get better," Wise said. "That's the only thing I really can do now and hopefully my team can win a couple tournament so we can get some of my players some scholarships and stuff like that. That's all I'm trying to do now."

Although he is mostly playing off-guard for the Hoops, Wise sees himself as a point guard.

"My strengths are getting my teammates open, finding the open man, knocking down jumpshots, basically whatever we have to do," Wise listed. "Right now I'm trying to work on my full-court defense."

Another strength of Wise's is his desire and determination. He goes hard every minute he's on the floor.

"It's basically something my Dad has instilled in me, since when I first started playing," Wise explained. "As the coaches said ‘you can't really just relax and not play aggressive the whole game because it shows. It's just the only way I know how to play."

Wise has the rest of the summer to regain his spot in the top-100. If he doesn't he'll just have a little extra motivation when he gets to Tucson.

Matt Messina contributed to this story.

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