Prospect Watch: Brandon Jennings

Don't know much about Brandon Jennings right now? Don't worry, you will. Jennings is one of the better point guards on the West Coast and he's only a freshman. 2008 is a long ways away, but Jennings is already projected as one of the best PG's in the class.

A lot can and will happen between now and 2008, but for now Jennings is considered a five-star recruit. He's got a lot of growing to do, but his court sense is apparent. He's the starting point guard for the loaded SoCal All-Stars team that is one of the West's best.

"The freshman looks to be extremely comfortable on a court with older players," explained Dave Telep. "The lefty has a variety of scoring tricks in his bag but it's his poise that stands out. He's really confident and extremely talented and the talk about him as one of the best PGs in 2008 is completely justified."

Right now he has an early working list of schools that includes Georgia Tech, UConn, Syracuse, Texas, Kansas and Kentucky, with Jim Calhoun's Huskies making the early push the hardest.

All of the schools have several things in common.

"Guard play, they all let them go," Jennings said.

Arizona seems to fit that mold. Right now the Cats have not been coming on strong, but Jennings would welcome a little attention from Tucson.

"They run a lot too," Jennings said. " I like the coach and everything."

Another thing Jennings requires in a school is a solid post presence.

"A center. Yeah, I've got to have a big guy to play with," he added.

Right now Jennings is on the small side, but he's young. He will get thicker and most likely, taller. What he already has is great instincts, quickness and an overall feel for the game. Playing with the SoCal All-Stars he needs to defer to the older players, but doesn't give up the ball just to give up the ball. He knows who should receive that pass and does a great job getting the ball to them.

Matt Messina contributed to this article

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