Devon Evertsen interview, Part II

Devon Evertsen talked to Cat Tracks the other night and had a lot of interesting things to say. The junior wing, who averaged 22 points and nine rebounds per game while shooting 50% from the field, continues his three-part interview here with Part II

Cat Tracks: You said before that Arizona was your "ideal school". Do you still feel like that?

Evertsen: "Yeah, I do. I'd think about committing early if they offered (a scholarship) now.

Cat Tracks: What all-star teams will be playing on over the spring and summer?

Evertsen: "I just talked to Dana Pump and told him that I would play on the Pump ‘n' Run International No. 1 team. I'll be on the team with David Padgett (6-11 C, Reno, NV), Trevor Ariza (6-7 WF, Los Angeles), Omar Wilkes (6-3 SG, Playa Del Rey, CA) and Martin Iti. I played with Padgett and some of those guys before."

Cat Tracks: What was your impression of Padgett as a teammate of his?

Evertsen: "Oh he's real good. He's like seven-feet and he can run! He's really athletic for a big guy. I think he's just out (with a kneecap injury) for the school season. He'll be ready for the all-star camps. I'm also going to be playing for the L.A. Rockfish in a Spring League the first weekend in March."

Cat Tracks: Even though Phoenix has some pretty good players around town, it's not like it's L.A. or Chicago. Is it ever hard to get up for games because you are usually so much more skilled than whoever you're playing against?

Evertsen: "No, I'm always pumped up because it's a game. I just play so much better against the better players. It's like Dennis (Latimore). He played for a 2A school last year (in Halstead, Kansas) and he was so much stronger than everyone he could do whatever he wanted to do. Maybe that's why he's struggling at UofA, he didn't play against very many good players last year. I remember playing against him when he lived here and I was in the eighth grade. He was so much bigger than everyone, he was killing people." **[Part III concludes the series with Devon Evertsen when he talks about his relationship with former Arizona great Richard Jefferson and more]**

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