Part III with Devon Evertsen

Richard Jefferson, who is arguably the most explosive athlete to ever play basketball at Arizona, has a protege in Phoenix wing guard Devon Evertsen. He even plays at Jefferson's alma mater, Moon Valley High School. Evertsen has some developing to do physically before he can truly be on RJ's level, but for now, he took the time to at least talk about the former Wildcat and the similarities in their games.

Cat Tracks: You're really tight with Richard Jefferson, have you talked to him lately?

Evertsen: "Yeah, I talked to him about a month ago and we were talking about Jordan and how he lit (RJ) up. He told me that it doesn't matter if you play good defense on him because they'll call a foul anyway. Rich always tells me to work to be the best I can be. And not to be the best just in Arizona or just the best on the West Coast but to be the best in the nation. I know that no matter how athletic you are you still need to have the work ethic and play smart to be better than everyone."

Cat Tracks: It sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders, does that come from your family?

Evertsen: "Oh I cannot get big headed around here, my parents wouldn't let that happen. I could have a great game and ride home with my dad and he'd say, ‘what are you doing?' I could score 100 points and he'd say, ‘well, you could have scored 120 if you would have rebounded better.' I think that helps me though. I think I'm the best player in Arizona but I also work really hard to get better all the time."

Cat Tracks: What goals do you have for yourself going into your senior season next year?

Evertsen: "I want to be a better all-around player. I mean, I'm already an all-around player but I want to be even more all-around. I definitely want to win State, that would be the best thing. I'd like to get a few triple-doubles and average a double-double by becoming a better rebounder. I usually guard the other team's best and most athletic player or best shooter so I want to lock my man up on defense. Oh, and I want to break Rich's record for points in a game. He got 46 in the first game of his senior year and that's what I want to do too."

Cat Tracks: Once again, the RJ comparisons.

Evertsen: "Yeah, well Coach says he had more of a Magic Johnson mentality. He could score two points and have 20 assists or whatever and be fine. I want to chip in some points. I'm a scorer. That's what I've always been."

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