Texas forward searching for consistency

The joke around the Houston Hoops is that they are a team of combo forwards. They have a number of players who are around 6-7 or 6-8 who can play both inside and outside. Last year Fendi Onobun was the best example of this type of player. This year the Hoops have several, including Darris Santee.

Darris Santee is a 6-8 forward from Marshall High in Missouri City, TX. He's seen as a power forward, but at this time he is more comfortable on the perimeter. He's not going to be quick enough to be a full-time wing, but he should become an inside/outside type forward who can beat a team in a few different ways.

A few months ago Arizona was a clear leader, but as of now he's listing North Carolina, Arizona, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Texas, and Connecticut as his top schools and has also heard from Florida, Texas A&M and Cal.

"I'm really open to all schools that will let me play the three and the four," Santee said. "Those are just some off the top of my head."

Arizona may not be the leader at this time, but that doesn't mean that Santee isn't very interested in continuing the trend of Houston Hoops players pledging to the Cats.

"I love their style of play, and I love Lute Olson, and Josh (Pastner)," he confessed.

One knock against Santee has been a lack of consistency. He'll be huge in one game, then struggle in another. That was a bit evident a week ago in Las Vegas, where he really didn't string two good games in a row together.

"I feel like I could have done a lot more to help my team and the game wouldn't have been so close," Santee said after the Hoops won the Las Vegas Spring Showcase. "So I just need to go home and work on a lot more of the things I need to work on."

What's funny is that most scouts feel Santee needs to get better down low to become a complete low post player, but Santee does not see it that way.

"I need to work on my outside game the most," Santee said. "Shooting, dribbling, and perimeter defense."

Santee is a nice prospect, but probably needs a big summer to cement offers from the elite programs on his list. He has a lot of skills, but really needs to shed the tag as a "tweener".

Matt Messina contributed to this story

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