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One of the best things you can say about a recruit is that he improves every time you see him. It is great when that is true from event to event, but it is rare when you can see an improvement from game to game. That was the case with Kyle Singler.

Singler is a terrific wing from Portland but often times gets lost in the shuffle because he plays with elite teammate Kevin Love. As good as Love is, Singler is not far behind.

"We now have Singler as the No. 2 prospect in the west regardless of class," said West Coast recruiting analyst Greg Hicks. "He can do just about everything you'd want a player to do on the court – shoots it, handles well, very good passer, rebounds in traffic, blocks shots, etc. He will be recruited by just about every top program in the country."

Singler is a wing forward, but has the size and toughness to play the four if needed. In many ways he resembles former Oregon player Luke Jackson. "I like his game a lot," Singler said of Jackson. "It's an all-around game and I think I play like that."

We got an opportunity to see Singler play several times a few weeks ago. He was impressive the first time we saw him, but was better each successive time. Steady improvement is something Singler has tried to work on. "I'm getting better every day and that is what you are looking for, improvement," Singler said. "There is so much to work on, you always look forward to that."

Right now four schools have the slight edge for Singler's services.

"I'm looking at Oregon, Kansas, Arizona and Duke," Singler admits.

Singler is looking for an up-tempo program and all four get up and down the floor to some degree.

One irony is that Singler plays better without Love on the floor. The team does better with their two-headed monster in action, but when Love sits, Singler takes over. He seems to gain confidence when he's the go-to guy. He is more aggressive with the ball and does a better job getting more teammates involved. With Love on the court Singler tends to defer to the talented big man.

Despite being a 2007 recruit, the Wildcats are already pursuing Singler vigorously. They have already been out to meet him and have seen him play in several events this spring. They've made a favorable impression.

"They have a good coaching staff," Singler said. "They have a good program. They did very good this year. They have good fan support and I really like the style of play."

Singler says he is in no hurry to make a decision and is just enjoying the AAU circuit. It will be fun to see Singler in the next few months. If he continues to improve from game to game, who knows how good he can be?

John Jones contributed to this story

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