Recruiting Process Growing Old for Spencer Hawes

For most high school athletes, the chance to be in the spotlight of your school, and at times the spotlight of high school sports, is a dream come true. For Spencer Hawes, what began as a unique experience has turned to a more tedious lifestyle, which he looks forward to completing. However, Hawes is still able to understand the importance of the recruiting process, and has a list of eight schools.

The number two 2006 center, has grown especially tired of the recruiting process. The 6-11, 225-pound big man did, however, feel positive about the progress made to this point.

"At first it was kind of neat, kind of fun, but now it's just getting repetitive to say the least," said Hawes. "It's kind of exhausting, but it's really not all that terrible."

Hawes' feelings about the recruiting process seem to have worn on him, as he has not made any changes to his list of schools in quite some time. "I have a list of eight that I'm still considering," Hawes said. "I haven't really narrowed that down in a while so I'm still working towards trying to do that, but as of now it still sits at eight."

However, Hawes' list is quite impressive, and the ability to narrow it down may be difficult in the long run.

"I am interested in Duke, (North) Carolina, UConn, Kansas, Arizona, Washington, Stanford, and UCLA. I would say North Carolina, Washington, Kansas, and Stanford have been recruiting me the hardest."

Hawes still lacks a leader, and while he wishes to narrow down his list, it will be a difficult task since he feels that all of the schools contain the must-haves he is desiring.

"I think all the ones that I'm considering have the things that I must have, so out of those, there's not one that has something that the other's can't offer," explained Hawes.

Despite the similarity in his top prospects, Hawes did have some good things to say about the Cats, adding that they are doing a pretty good job recruiting him.

"I like their (Arizona's) style of play," Hawes says. "How they incorporate the bigs, and how they get after it and how they utilize the athleticism that they have in the open court and the kind of system that they have."

While Hawes admires Arizona style of play, there is one player in particular who has impacted his style of play, and has inspired him to play his game in a different way.

"I would have to say Andrew Bogut," Hawes said after being asked who he compares his game to. "That's who I watched the closest and tried to look a little bit deeper into what he was doing in terms of this year and this season, and try to kind of do a little bit of what he did in terms of the point-forward, or point-center, the passing, and making the people around him better."

Hawes also freely admits that there are things he needs to improve on, and is willing to take time of the court in order to further his game in other areas.

"Right now my focus is pretty much on the weight room and trying to improve on the court," said Hawes. "I'm not playing as much as I may have been in the past, I'm trying to focus more on improving parts of my game that are weaker than others, so that I know that when I step onto the court, I am able to improve, and made strides in the areas where I'm weak right now."

Understanding the need to improve is important, but Hawes accepts that there are areas of his game that need work.

"My shooting, my ball handling could improve, my consistency with those," added Hawes. "Also I'm working on making sure I'm finishing strong around the hoop, not fading away is a big thing for me. Taking it strong every time. Try to finish with dunks instead of lay-ups. Stuff like that."

Hawes is one of the best prospects in America. He may not yet be a Player-of-the-Year candidate like his idol Bogut, but odds are he'll be one of the best bigmen in the country by the time he steps foot on a college campus. Despite being tired of the recruiting process already, Hawes is not rushing into things.

"I plan on making a decision in the fall," he said.

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