Three lead for Texas forward

One thing that the Houston Hoops have is combo-forwards. Their style of play allows for their forwards to play inside and out and they have several players who do both very well.

Mike Singletary is one of the Hoops who is just as comfortable playing on the wing as he is banging inside. He joins Derris Santee, Damion James and Gary Johnson in providing depth for one of the country's best AAU teams.

Singletary is 6-5 and athletic. He has some strength and nice post moves, but is just as good playing out on the perimeter. He's very similar to a number of other players coming through that program the past few years.

"That's how they coach us," Singletary said. "We don't really have positions on the floor. We all learn how to play everything on the floor, that is why we have a lot of combos out there."

Last year the Cats signed one of those combos in Fendi Onobun and pursued two others in two-sport stars Jermichael Finley and Martellus Bennett. The Cats are involved with Singletary, but they have a little ground to make up.

"Carolina, Texas and Arizona," Singletary said, putting his favorites in order. "Texas has asked me to commit and I have to think that over. I am waiting for Carolina to call. Arizona is talking to me a little bit. Those are my top three schools right now."

The Tarheels are the favorite right now and not just because they won the national championship.

"I love Carolina right now," he said. "That's been my team since I was very young."

Before he can make a decision, he needs the offer from the Tarheels. As of now the Longhorns are his only hard, firm offer.

"I got to wait on Carolina," he confessed. "I kind of want to be close, but that's a great opportunity to go to Carolina. That's one of the best colleges in the country."

The Wildcats may be third on his list, but he still has a lot of good things to say about the Wildcats.

"I like Arizona," Singletary said. "I like Lute Olson, I like their whole program."

It helps that there is a connection between Singletary and the UofA. Not only has the Hoops been a pipeline to the UA, but Singletary is a high school teammate of future Wildcat Nic Wise.

Right now Singletary is trying to improve and firm up some offers. He is trying to improve his perimeter game so that he can guarantee that he'll play there at the next level.

"I want to get better at ball handling and shooting from the perimeter," Singletary said. "I think I can do a little bit of both, play the two, three and maybe even a little bit at the four. I think mostly I am going to play the three."

As of now Singletary is a good prospect who is working to be a great prospect. Considering that Texas is involved heavily, you can bet many others will come calling.

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