Macon up to four offers, likes the Cats

Recruiting for the defensive line is always a priority for major college coaches and for years the Arizona Wildcats have lagged behind most in that area. Year after year it always seemed that the Cats either got projects for the interior of the line or they simply converted guys from other positions like they did with now departed tackle Carlos Williams.

Recruiting for the defensive line has picked up since Mike Stoops rolled in to town and it is only getting better as the early returns for U of A recruiting this year have been very good.

Case in point, Corpus Christi Carroll defensive lineman Pryce Macon.

So far Macon has four offers on the table from major programs. Arizona was the first Pac-10 school to offer and Macon has taken notice of the Wildcat program.

"I was really happy when Arizona offered me," said the 6-foot ½ inches, 250 pound lineman. "I don't know much about Arizona because I have only been there once and that was for like an hour because we flew through on our way to California. Arizona plays in the Pac-10 and they play good defense now that coach Stoops is there and I am definitely going to look hard into the Arizona program."

Pryce did admit that he knows at least one thing about Arizona the state.

"I know it is hot out there," he said with an obvious laugh. "All everyone tells me about Arizona is how hot it is. It can't be any worse than Corpus though ya know. I mean, it gets to like 105 here and it is humid so it can't be worse than that."

Macon has three official offers in writing and a fourth offer of the verbal variety.

"Coach Shipp from Oklahoma came by the school and he said that they were going to send me an offer," said Macon. "They have been by the school twice now and Arizona came by the school. I also have offers from (Texas) A&M and Colorado. I am also hearing a lot from Iowa and Purdue and LSU some too."

The big south Texas defensive lineman is being recruited by Josh Heupel for Arizona and according to Macon he and Heupel are off to a good start.

"I like coach Heupel a lot," he said. "I didn't realize who he was at first but once I did realize that he was the guy that led Oklahoma to their national title a couple of years ago I was like ‘WOW'. Not too long ago he was winning a national championship and now he was at my school recruiting me for Arizona. That is pretty cool. He seems like a real good guy."

At this time Macon claims that no one school sticks out above the others and that he is "completely wide open right now."

Macon did go on to say that he will be a summer commitment for sure.

"Oh yeah, I want to commit by the summer definitely," he said. "I want to get it over with so I hope to be committed by August or even July. I plan on going to some of the schools this summer and seeing what they all have to offer. I am trying to go to the Arizona camp this summer and will try to go to a few others if I can."

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