Coach's Corner: The end is near

Two games. That's all. There are just two games left in the regular season. The Cats are still in the thick of the Pac-10 regular season title race and this weekend's games are vital. Olson discusses the Cardinal, the Pac-10 Tournament and who will start at center.

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Question: Are Isaiah Fox and Channing Frye still competing fpr the starting center spot?

Lute Olson: "Yes. It all comes down to rebounding. In practice last week Isaiah had 17 boards. We went a full 40 minutes. Channing had 14 rebounds. They were both going to the class hard. We'll continue to have a contest between them to determine who gets the start on Thursday."

Question: Will your strategy vary on how you play Curtis Borchardt depending on who starts?

Olson: "Borchardt killed us last time on the boards as on the scoreboard. We'll try to force him to come out as we did in the second half?"

Question: Will you allow Isaiah Fox to shoot from the outside as Channing Frye did?

Olson: "Isaiah can shoot that thing as well. Both guys can face-up."

Question: After losing two at home will Stanford's confidence be shaken?

Olson: "I don't think you're ever confident after dropping a couple. Especially if they (the loses) are at home. There is no question that they have a sense of urgency. Everyone has a sense of urgency right now."

Question: You've been against the reinstation of the Pac-10 Tournament, but isn't at least a good event from a competition standpoint?

Olson: "Sure, we could all beat each other's brains in. Other than missing three days of class it should be a great event... To me it (the regular season title) would mean a lot more than winning the tournament because it is over 18 games. Not who can win three straight."

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