Wing has a leader

Seth Tarver's stock has been rising after putting forth some strong performances in Las Vegas and at the Kingwood Classic. For the longest time Tarver's list of schools was fairly static. Cat Tracks caught up with the prospect who to see what is going on. Not only has he narrowed down his list, but he has a leader.

The 6-5 small forward from Portland looked good Las Vegas last month and was even better after joining the Portland Legends to take the title at the Kingwood Classic a week later. The athletic wing has some holes in his game, but has the hustle and hard work to overcome that. Tarver can score, but his shot needs some work. He has impressive build for his age and has a ton of upside.

Tarver is smart enough to know what he does well and in tern what he needs to improve upon.

"My strengths are defending, rebounding, going into the basket, and passing," he said.

Tarver has long been on the Wildcats' radar screen but really caught the coaching staff's eye at Kingwood. He had been solid in previous outings, but playing alongside Kevin Love and Kyle Singler he really excelled. He was good enough to earn a scholarship offer and established himself as part of the Cats's "Super Six", the team's top six prospects.

Arizona hasn't escaped Tarver's attention either.

"[I am interested in] Arizona, Oregon State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Washington," Tarver says.

For the longest time, Tarver was wide open in terms of his top schools. His lists is a bit smaller than it was during the school year and he may have a top team.

"Probably Arizona," Tarver replies after being asked if he has a leader. "It's just a great program really. Their players develop and I like their style of play."

Arizona's style of play suits Tarver very well as he likes to hustle up and down the court, attacking the basket, and rebounding. Tarver crashes the boards hard on every possession and works hared on the defensive end. He's the type of a long, athletic wing that Lute Olson really covets.

Tarver's recruitment has been relatively quiet. He has not taken any official visits, and he does not have any planned. To be honest, Tarver is so focused on playing ball and not recruiting that he hasn't really looked at who has extended an official scholarship offer. "I'm not really even sure who has offered me," Tarver admits. "I know Arizona has."

Oregon State has been on the wing hard, and Jay John would love to land a quality recruit like Tarver. He signed his older brother Josh in the fall and would love to pair the two together. At this moment it appears as though it may come down to the Cats and the Beavers.

"Arizona, and Oregon State have been recruiting me the hardest," said Tarver. "Oregon State is an up and coming program. Their players develop as well, as you can see with Lucas this year. He did pretty well. He could go to the league maybe. Their players develop and they are coming up to where they used to be."

Tarver obviously has a good feeling about Oregon State at this point in time, but it is Arizona who is reigning supreme. At least for now, there is plenty of time left in the process.

"Not yet," Tarver explains on when he may make a commitment. "Probably in the fall."

Even though the Portland native is unsure of when he may actually make a decision, he does know what he is looking for in a school.

"A good education and a good basketball program," Tarver said simply.

Tarver comes off as a nice, almost shy kid. He is well spoken and polite. He is an intriguing prospect, who has a lot of upside. He doesn't get the hype that the other two wings' on the Cats' list get, but down the road he could be just as good.

Arizona has done well in the Portland area, and they seem to be doing quite well with Tarver.

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