Alex Cate to visit Tucson

It has been a busy spring for the family of Salt Lake City, Utah (Cottonwood HS) quarterback Alex Cate. While Alex was busy leading his high school baseball team the family was bombarded with over 25 official football offers. Alex's dad, Scott, is a coach at Cottonwood so he was also busy this spring hosting countless coaches in his school office.

With commitments coming earlier and earlier each year, especially for the quarterback position, the Cates have decided to set aside five schools to visit unofficially over the summer. They want to get the decision done and finished before Alex's senior year at Cottonwood.

According to Scott Cate, three schools have made the final five with a host of schools in the running for the final two spots.

"I know that we will get to Arizona, LSU and Oklahoma," Scott said. "The other two Alex is gearing down and trying to figure out which two we will go to."

It seems that the other schools in contention for the final two visits from the Cates are, in no order, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Washington and Miami (no offer).

According to the elder Cate, Miami was by the school today and will decide on whether to offer Alex in the coming week.

"Miami said they are going to get together and talk about all of their quarterback targets," said Cate. "Until we find out if they are going to offer we may not know the final two schools. Those three we are going to get to though."

Cate said that he and Alex will be in Tucson most likely the week of June 6th.

Cate competed in the Elite 11 tryouts this past weekend in Berkeley, California and Cate said that he thought his son did well.

Yeah, he did pretty well I think," he said. "He missed one out of seventy passes so I think he did pretty well. He was at the NIKE camp on Saturday and he did ok there too but he was a little tired because of the baseball games on Friday."

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