Pondexter's list is expanding

Arizona's pursuit of a wing or two from the class has taken them from New Jersey to Portland to Southern California. One player who is very interested is located in Northern California and has long been listing the Wildcats as a favorite. The Cats are still in good shape, but several other teams are making up ground.

From day one of Quincy Pondexter's recruitment, Arizona has been a strong leader. With the family connections of his father and uncle who both played under coach Olson at Long Beach State, Arizona seemed like the logical choice for Pondexter. It appeared as though the swing man from California could pull the trigger at any moment, but he never quite found the inspiration to make a pledge. He still likes Arizona a lot but his list has grown recently, and his priorities have changed.

"It's pretty exciting right now," Pondexter describes the recruiting process. "A lot of new schools are coming about and pretty much just showing a lot of interest in me right now."

Pondexter has long had Pac-10 schools on his list but he has expanded his teams of interest. His list has grown to nine total schools, and the competition is stiff.

"[I am interested in] Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, UConn, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Memphis, and Tennessee," said Pondexter. "Arizona and Washington are my leaders."

Originally Pondexter could not find a single thing wrong with the Cats, but now things are changing, and Pondexter has been able to find some faults with Arizona.

"I like how they get up and down the floor, and the facilities there are very nice and the academics portion of it is pretty nice," Pondexter praised. "It's pretty hot and there's no grass out there in the desert."

The problems Pondexter has with Arizona appear to be minor, and they are still a leader for the wing, however one must consider that one of the other schools may suit the wing more.

Pondexter is able to play both the two and the three spots, with his stronger position coming from the three. Pondexter lists his strengths which are better suited for the forward position.

"Getting to the rack, and defense are my strengths," Pondexter explained.

The junior was unable to schedule any visits due to school priorities, but now he is ready for the summer, and has a goal in mind.

"I just want to show everyone how good I really am and get my best in at every camp that I play in," explains Pondexter.

Initially Pondexter planned on making a commitment as early as January, but that has recently changed with the addition of so many high profile schools of interest.

"I was thinking about doing it (committing) early, but after all of these schools have come up I just decided to take a little bit of time and evaluate the situation," Pondexter explained.

Many may take his words to mean that Arizona is no longer as strong as they once were, however Pondexter is still very pleased with how well Arizona has done of recruiting him to this point.

"They've done a good job," said Pondexter. "I talk to the coaches, and they came out here to visit me last month. They've been pretty good."

With all of the praise of Arizona, there is still one thing that stands out as a must have for Pondexter's college of choice.

"It has to be a family environment," Pondexter said.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Arizona likes the guard/wing combo, although he is not in their top three at the wing spot. Part of that may be due to his academic which we have heard may not be totally in order. Arizona is still one of the leaders, but the Cats have some competition from the other programs..

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