Spring Practice begins

The second spring practice of the John Mackovic era began on Friday. The team practiced for just over two hours with a steady wind cooling off the session. The team practiced in helmets and shorts and participated in a variety of drills with some limited scrimmaging at the end.

The Cats jumped right into practice. Unlike last year when the team needed an introduction to the new staff, this year the players jumped right into drills and plays.

"This year we didn't have to start at ground zero," Mackovic said.

A key emphasis for both sides of the ball were turnovers. The offense worked on holding onto the ball while the defense practiced extensively at getting take-aways.

The defensive preliminary depth chart is as follows:

1st team

DE: Isaac Watts, Fata Avegalio

DT: Young Thompson, Carlos Williams

LB: Joe Siofele, Ray Wells, Lance Briggs

CB: Sean Hinton, Michael Jolivette

S: Tony Wingate, Jarvie Worcester

2nd Team:

DE: Andre Torrey, Brad Brittain

DT: Vince Feula, Copeland Bryan

LB: Matt Molina, Kirk Johnson, Thomas Howard

CB: Darrell Brooks, Luis Nunez

S Clay Hardt, Landon Kafentzis

The team started off in special teams, then broke into individual position drills. At the conclusion of practice they had a no contact scrimmage. Danny Perry and Michael Jolivette managed to intecept passes from Jason Johnson. Back-up QB Nic Costa had the biggest pass play of the day when he found Andrae Thurman over the middle. Thurman ran 40 yards before being touched.

For the most part Johnson was more the more constant of the two, but Costa made the biggest plays of the day.


*The team will go light until after Spring Break when they will add more contact.

*Anthony Fulcher has moved from FB to safety

*Third string QB Jesse Gran was in a boot and unable to participate. Andrae Thurman had a cast on his left arm due to a basketball injury. LB Mike LaCoss was limited due to a knee injury but still participated in drills.

*A number of walk-ons were in uniform. They include:

QB Zachary Sparksman, QB Phil Linduska, FB Greg Tate, WR Jared Hutchins, WR Bennie DiGrazia, WR Steven Tagai, P Ryan Fusco, CB Bennie Brown, DB Jerome Parker, LB Hamid Nikeresent, DB Lee Patterson, LB Kyle Dillingham, DL Jeremy Willoughby, DE Joseph Wilrodt, DT Shaun Pack, LB Joe Dekker.

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