Game talk: Cats crush Cal

It was the Wildcats' biggest margin of victory for the season. Arizona destroyed Cal 99-54 due to a balanced attack and a stingy defense. Here are the players' and coaches' thoughts on the game.

*Arizona learned after the win that they would play ASU in the first round of the Pac-10 Tournament.

"We played ASU fairly recently, so we will have a quick review to prepare for the game," said Lute Olson. "As for the tournament, if you are going to have it, this would be the year to have it because of the competition in the league."

"It's motivation that we finished second," Jason Gardner said. "ASU is more of a rival with us now."

"We can't take ASU lightly," said Salim Stoudamire. "Anybody can beat anybody, especially in the tournament. You cannot take anyone lightly."

"ASU is a really good team," said Channing Frye. "They are one of the teams where you've got to bring your "A" game to beat them. Just because we beat them here does not mean that we can just show up and expect to win."

*Arizona came into the game losing 3-of-4, but now have a 45 point win going into the Pac-10 Tournament.

"This is a good confidence-boosting game," Frye said. "We showed people we can play defense. We were getting touches and ran the floor."

"It's like a dream come true with guys laughing out there and having a good time," said Stoudamire.

"This was a great game to go into the tournament with," Gardner said.

*Arizona shot an unbelievable 43.8% from behind the arc. Conversely Cal was at 17.6% from three-point range.

"They had some really good shots," said Cal's Solomon Hughes.

"We came out and played very poor defense," said Brian Wethers. "They took advantage of that. Our offense might have been worse than the defense. We just couldn't get our rhythm going."

"Tonight was one of those nights where we hit a lot of open shots," Gardner said.

"We needed to get strong pressure on them and force them to go outside," Olson said. "The key on defense was that we did a good job of pushing them out."

"We had a problem defending the three-point shot," Braun said. "Our shots just weren't falling. They (Arizona) were getting good opportunities and making them."

"We shot the ball really well," Olson said. "California just could not knock down their shots."

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