Trips done, decision coming for Cate

If you are around the Arizona campus this weekend you will notice that things are pretty busy. Saturday the Wildcat coaches are hosting a ton of kids for the big man camp and the passing league tournament. Sunday is the Elite invitation only camp at Arizona Stadium. Even with all of that talent in town taking part in the various camps, it was one unofficial non-camper that was in town that basically stole the show.

Salt Lake City (UT) Cottonwood High School quarterback Alex Cate was in town with his parents on the final stop of their summer college tour. We caught up with Scott Cate, Alex's dad, in the car on their way to the airport.

"We watched some of the passing league stuff that they have going on today," Scott Cate said. "Like I told you before, that is a great staff. It is great here, you won't find much better facilities and the coaching here just doesn't get any better than Mike Stoops and Mike Canales."

The elder Cate has known Arizona Offensive Coordinator for a while now and continues to have nothing but glowing things to say about the Arizona play caller.

"'Chico' is just a great guy and he knows his stuff," he said. "He is one of my favorite guys out there and he is a great guy and a great coach. He is on the staff with a bunch of great coaches and I really hope they get all of the best guys in there because that staff is hungry and is something special."

The Tucson leg of their trip was the final one as the Cate family had already been to Lincoln, Nebraska, Stillwater, Oklahoma and Baton Rouge, Louisiana before coming to the desert.

"It is going to be a tough decision for Alex, I don't really envy him right now," Scott said. "I would not want to be in his position right now and have to pick between those four schools. That is four great schools with four great staffs and I would not want to be in his position right now."

As far as a time frame for a decision, Cate says that a decision could come really at any time from here on out, it is just up to Alex.

"When we get home we will sit down and help Alex go through everything," he said. "We have done our research and seen the schools and now it is just time for Alex to find the school that he feels most comfortable with and where he wants to live. It is his decision and it is going to be a tough one. I think right now he should most likely have a decision by Monday. He has to narrow it down quickly and go ahead and decide. He knows that once he decides that it is a final decision so unless he wants to go out and see another school or two before he makes up his mind his decision will be final because the coaches need to know you are in for good."

Once the Cate decision comes down CatTracks will have an update on where Alex will be heading next season at the next level.

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