Second day of TSPL showcases some more talent

Day two of the Tucson Summer Pro League showcased a few more players, with Marcus Williams, Kirk Walters, Jesus Verdejo and Isaiah Fox taking the floor for the first time this season.

Game 1: The first game featured Jesus Verdejo on McMahon's Prime Steakhouse and Kirk Walters, playing for Team Swoosh. Verdejo turned in a solid performance, shooting 10-15 from the field, scoring 23 of his team's 59 points.

Verdejo did most of his scoring on the inside, getting to the rack with ease. He did showcase a nice midrange game when he decided to take the short jumpers, but he spent most of the games attacking the hoop.

Kirk Walters started the game tentatively, but eventually worked himself into the action. He ended up shooting 7-13 and scoring 17 points, with just 6 rebounds. McMahon's took the game by a score of 59 to 46.

In reality Walters played pretty well, but when you have a player who is close to seven-foot you expect a lot. His timing was off on his blocked shots and a lot of his shots rimmed out. McMahon's through a zone at him for most of the game, until league founder Corey Williams shamed them into going man-to-man.

Game 2: No current U of A players took part in this contest—in fact, the only player with a connection to the Cats was former basketball and football star, Kelvin Eafon. Despite the few recognizable names on the floor, this game turned out to have the most exciting finish of the day, when El Charro took the game with a buzzer beating 15-footer from the baseline, winning by a score of 65-63.

Game 3: The match between Window Depot and M3 Moore Law Firm gave the city of Tucson its second look at incoming freshman Fendi Onobun. Although he did not take a lot of shots, he showed signs of aggressiveness. He was able to get to the line a total of 12 times. This is a bit remarkable due to the fact that the referees make it a point to let the players get away with more than they should. He was able to get to the line by taking the ball hard inside. However, he only managed to sink 5 of those 12 free throws.

An interesting note was his three steals and three blocked shots, an excellent display of his hustle. Onobun finished 4-of-6 from the field with 13 points and a few rebounds for the game.

The Window Depot took the game in the end, 61-50.

Game 4: In the final game of the day, incoming freshman Marcus Williams made his Tucson debut with Team Jumpman, and he did not disappoint. He had total control of his team, creating shots for himself, while dishing the ball at the same time.

He finished the game with an astounding 35 points on 14-of-28 shooting.

The game itself was never close, with the final score showing 62-45 Team Jumpman over Saguaro Ranch. Saguaro Ranch actually finished the game on a 13-0 run to make things respectable.

Isaiah Fox also participated in the game on the Saguaro Ranch team. He played more to have fun than to fine tune his game. He put up a number of wild jumpshots from around the arc. When he did play hard down low he was affective. He scored 10 points all of which came from within five-feet of the hoop. When he did play down low he looked comfortable on the floor. He also looks like he is in very good shape.

On the Sidelines: Channing Frye was in attendance along with Shawntinice Polk. Verdejo, Eafon, Walters and Onobun, when not playing, also watched from the sidelines. J.P. Prince acted as commentator for the last three games of the day, providing "street-ball" style commentary, and referring to fellow incoming freshman Fendi Onobun as "Fen Diesel".

Free Throws: Coming off a year when the Cats were near the top as far as free throw percentage, today's performance at the line was far less than stellar. Combined, Verdejo, Walters, Onobun, Fox and Williams went 15- 31 (48%) from the stripe.

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