Adams dominates third day of TSPL

The Tucson Summer Pro League wrapped up its first weekend of the summer with three more games on Sunday. The crowd was treated to stellar performances from Jesus Verdejo, Hassan Adams, and Marcus Williams.

Game 1 (McMahon's 68, Williams & Assoc. 67): The first game showcased a marquee match up between incoming freshman J.P. Prince and sophomore Jesus Verdejo. The battle, at times, became personal with each one draining long jump shots until one of them finally missed. In the end, it was Verdejo who was able to pull his team through in the end, edging out a 68-67 victory. Verdejo shot 17-28 (61%) from the field, scoring 39 points. Prince's shot was a tad more inconsistent, at 10-22 (45%), but he did finish a strong 4-9 from beyond the NBA three-point arc (44%). Each finished with four assists, but Prince, as was the case in his debut, could easily have had several more had his teammates made some jump shots.

Prince showed an extreme amount of maturity for being an incoming freshman. He is an excellent team-oriented player, with a nice balance of sharing the rock and shooting. He's a great passer and has a feel for where his teammates are on the floor.

With just a couple of minutes left to go, Verdejo stood near the half court line, dribbling the ball and eyeing Prince. It seemed like a challenge between the veteran and the rookie. As Verdejo made his move, Prince reached around and knocked the ball loose, snatched it, and darted down court for the lay up, with a foul.

A majority of J.P.'s three-point shots came from the right wing area. In fact, he 10 of his 22 shots from that area, including shots just inside the three point line.

Verdejo seemed to be in control as well. He showed a strong ability to drive it to the hoop and finish, and drained 8-of -5 outside shots. He should definitely expect a much larger role this season.

Game 2 (UBS Financial 84, Saguaro Ranch 66): The second game was the Hassan Adams show. Adams scored 43 points making 20-of-28 shots. He connected on no less than 5 alley-oops, including one off of the backboard. It was simply more of what the city of Tucson has become accustomed to, but will never get tired of.

The real bright spot in his game, however, was his outside shooting. He connected on 6-of-12 of his outside shots, and looked very comfortable doing it.

Adams is basically unstoppable in the league. He is averaging an astounding 39.5 points a game and probably could do more damage if he wasn't so busy getting his teammates involved.

Isaiah Fox, who is on Saguaro Ranch's roster, was not present.

The game was never close. The final score was UBS over Saguaro Ranch, 84-66.

Game 3 (Jumpman 79, Swoosh 41): The final game of the weekend was also a blowout, but it gave us a second look at incoming freshman, Marcus Williams. Williams dominated once again, scoring 41 points on 19-24 shooting. His outside shot was quite impressive, and perhaps a little surprising. He fared well from mid-range and out, making 7-11 shots from15 feet or longer—many of these being difficult, self-created fade-aways.

Williamswas also able to involve his teammates, earning no fewer than five assists, plus several spectacular dishes that were not finished.

Kirk Walters was on the opposing team. Of all of the Wildcat players playing today, Kirk seemed to be the least dominant. A lot of that was the inability of his teammates to feed him the ball. He finished with a respectable 21 points on 9-16 shooting, but missed four shots within a couple feet of the basket. Later in the game, he was able to release his frustration with a couple of rim shaking slams.

Free Throws: The Cat players' free throw woes continued on Sunday. Combined, Prince, Verdejo, Adams, Williams, and Walters hit only 11-of-28 from the stripe. This is largely contributed to by Williams' 1-for-7 and Walters' 3-for-9. Marcus Williams has a unique routine at the line, dribbling hard four times, followed by eight quick dribbles about four inches from the floor.

After the first weekend:

McMahon's (Verdejo): 2-0
Team Swoosh (Walters): 0-2
Window Depot (Onobun): 1-1
Williams & Associates (Prince): 1-1
Team Jumpman (M. Williams): 2-0
Magpie's Pizza (McClellan*): 0-2
UBS Financial Services (Adams): 2-0
Saguaro Ranch (Fox**): 0-2
M3 Moore Law Firm (Rodgers*): 0-2
El Charro (Tangara***): 2-0

*McClellan and Rodgers did not play for their teams as both are out of town.

**Fox only played one game for Saguaro Ranch.

***Tangara is still recovering from his back issues and will not play for El Charro until sometime in July.

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