Johnson: 'I'm getting stronger every day'

Anthony Johnson often gets overlooked when folks look at the Wildcat receiving corps. Last season the team had a senior in Ricky Williams, a miscreant in Biren Ealy, the untapped potential of Mike Jefferson and the undersized Syndric Steptoe.

This summer fans may forget about Johnson again. They are tantalized by B.J. Vickers, intrigued by redshirts Bobby McCoy and Gerold Rodriguez and looking forward to an energized Jefferson.

By the season's start in Salt Lake fans may be clamoring for Johnson. The sophomore ahs a ton of talent and was actually on his way to becoming a reliable target for Richard Kovalcheck by the end of the season.

Johnson has good size, nice speed and a lot of strength. He can use his power to get good separation from smaller defensive backs. His hands were a question mark in the early part of the season, but soon his case of the dropsies were a thing of the past.

The whole group had a solid spring and now they head into the fall with a lot of confidence.

" Workouts are going really good," Johnson said. "We're getting some throwing done so we are getting a lot of chemistry with the offense. So we are getting a lot of progress done. Together I think we're one of the best groups in the Pac-10 and I think we're making huge steps every day."

While Johnson is pleased with the way the group is developing, he is in no way content with his personal development. Sure he's made strides, but the San Diego native holds himself to a higher standard.

"I try to find stuff everyday to make myself better," said Johnson "I don't ever want become satisfied or complacent. I try to challenge myself everyday, to compete more and just push myself."

Although he is not satisfied, he is pleased with his progress. He and the team have been working very hard and it seems to be paying off.

"I'm getting stronger every day and faster," Johnson noted. "My agility is improving. Everything we are doing is for the good of the team."

As he noted above, Johnson is very pleased with how the receiving corps is shaping up. He took the time to break down some of his other receivers.

On B.J. Vickers:

"(He's a) Super big time guy. He's huge and explosive. He has great hands. A lot of the little stuff you learn playing college football is going to come, but overall he is a great receiver."

On Syndric Steptoe"

"He's a little big guy. Definitely a leader in the receiving corps. Always leads by example. Capable of putting up big numbers."

On the two redshirt freshmen:

"Bobby and Gerold are really big talents. The biggest thing is learning the offense for them. Once they get the offense down they are going to be able to do some great things on the field."

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