Recruiting TidBits, 6-29

It is time for yet another edition of the recruiting tidbits column. The column is used to update on various football recruits that the Wildcat coaching staff is pursuing for the 2006 recruiting class. This edition has updates on Jason Fox, Russell Okung, Jon Hargis, Louis Holmes, Franklin Mitchem and a couple others.

Fort Worth North Crowley offensive tackle Jason Fox fast became a very hot commodity during the May evaluation period. Fox had many high profile coaches at his school during the process and he has garnered offers from a slew of big time programs.

"I don't know exactly how many offers I have right now, but it is quite a few," Fox said of his early offer list. "I think it is close to 20 offers, maybe a couple more than that but I think it is around 20 right now."

Fox has already visited one of his favorite schools in Oklahoma State and he will visit two more unofficially in July.

"I am going to visit Miami on the 11th and 12th of July with my dad," Fox said. "We are going to visit Arizona on the 13th and 14th of July also. I don't know if I will go anywhere else. Maybe Arkansas or Purdue but I don't know yet."

Fox is being recruiting by Josh Heupel for Arizona and secondarily by Arizona offensive line coach Eric Wolford.

"I like coach Heupel, he is a nice guy," said Fox. "I have also talked to coach Wolford and I like him a lot too. He seems like a very good coach and very nice guy."

Fox also went on to say that there is a short list of schools that he is considering the most right now.

"I would say that my top schools right now would be Arizona, Miami, OSU, (Texas) A&M and probably Purdue."

Another offensive tackle from the Lone Star state of Texas is Russell Okung from George Bush High School in Richmond. Okung has an Arizona offer and has high interest in the Wildcats.

"I like Arizona a lot," said Okung. "I have talked to both coach Heupel and coach Wolford. I talked to coach Wolford the other day and he is a cool guy. He is real easy to talk to and is a real cool guy. He and coach Hype are both real cool."

Okung said that he likes an aggressive coach who gets in your face and can teach the basics.

"I can take a beating," Okung said with a laugh. "Coach Wolford reminds me of my O-Line coach right now. I like an aggressive coach and that is what he seems like. He is cool and all but you can tell that he would be a very good and aggressive coach, I like that."

Big Russell is also thinking about taking unofficial visits over the summer and he has a few schools in mind.

"We are planning trips right now," said Okung. "I think we are going to go to Arizona, Texas Tech and TCU and OSU this summer some time. I just don't have any dates yet for the trips."

Mesa Red Mountain offensive lineman/defensive lineman Jon Hargis has had a very good couple of weeks. After attending the UA camp a couple weeks ago he garnered an offer from the coaches for his play on the offensive line at the camp. Just a couple days after the UA offered, the coaches at Arizona State followed suit.

"I had a good time at the U of A camp and I did pretty well, they offered me," said Hargis. "My dad and brother and me just went back down to Tucson to see all of the academic stuff and I think it was very informative. Their SALT program is one of the best in the country. I think my dad and brother were both impressed also. We were down there for about 4 hours I guess."

The Hargis crew visited the ASU campus two days before heading down to Tucson again and they liked what they saw there as well.

"Their (ASU's) DRC (Disability Resource Center) is a good one," he said. "The SALT program at U of A goes further and is much more involved but ASU has a good program. We were impressed with both schools."

Hargis went on to say that he is torn between the two in state schools and that he wants to take his time and make sure that he makes the right decision.

"I am just going to go with the flow for right now," said Hargis. "I like both schools a lot and I am going to take my time and make my decision."

Scottsdale Community College defensive end Louis Holmes is quickly becoming a constant fixture among the Tucson skyline. He was in Tucson yet again this week to visit with the UA coaching staff. This time Holmes brought someone important with him.

"My godmother and I went down there on Monday," said Holmes. "I wanted to show her what U of A was like and she wanted to meet the coaches and see the school. She said that she enjoyed it and enjoyed spending time with the coaches and looking at the campus and everything."

More than most other times, Holmes wanted to show her the academic side of the U of A campus.

"First and foremost I want to get an education," said Holmes. "We saw the Business school and met with some academic people and it was good to talk to everybody. She liked the campus and the coaches and everything so it went well."

Holmes has also taken an unofficial visit to LSU and is planning on visiting USC and Oklahoma unofficially over the summer also.

Klein Collins safety Franklin Mitchem has an Arizona offer and is planning on visiting the Arizona campus in mid to late July.

"I am going to visit Arizona on either July 21st or the 22nd," said Mitchem. "I am going to visit Arizona State also but I don't know which I will go to first."

Mitchem is being recruited by Eric Wolford for the UA and Mitchem says that he likes coach Wolford a lot.

"Coach Wolf is a cool cat man," he said with a laugh. "He is fun to talk to and you can tell that he is real down to earth and everything. I call him and talk to him whenever I can."

Lemoore, California High School wide receiver David Ausberry is pretty good. He is big, fast and is built like a truck already and he is yet to even start his senior year of high school. He has so many offers that he just stopped counting and he has a top 15, not the normal top 5. He has interest in the Cats and says that they are in the groups that is recruiting him the hardest right now.

"Yes sir I like Arizona," he said. "Coach (Tim) Kish is recruiting me for Arizona and he made a good impression on me when I talked to him when he called in May."

With the list of schools he has interest in so large, Ausberry decided to name the schools that are recruiting him the hardest as the ones he is most interested in right now.

"The ones that are recruiting me the hardest are USC, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia and both Arizona schools I think," Ausberry said. "Those would be my top schools right now but I just don't know. I get so much mail and I have all these offers I mean it is going to be hard to narrow things down. They are all good schools."

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