Talent on display at McKale

Fans were treated to the pickup game of the year at McKale Center Friday afternoon. Incoming players like J.P. Prince, current U of A players like Chris Rodgers, recruits like Brandon Jennings, and NBA stars like Jason Terry were all on hand to give Arizona fans a show they have longed for since the season ended.

Recruits Jerryd Bayless and Jennings may be young but both were very impressive. Although they surely aren't ready for college basketball quite yet they are being molded to be outstanding players for the future. Bayless knocked down some beautiful shots and showed the crowd that he has a solid jump-shot. Jennings will only be a sophomore in high school this year, but he definitely has talent. The young man has great hops for his size.

Current U of A players participating were Rodgers, Hassan Adams, and Kirk Walters. Rodgers showed the crowd why he should be a permanent starter next year with great ball handling skills and shots from behind the arch. Adams, as he usually does, put on a show with spectacular slam-dunks. Walters is showing more and more promise from the inside as well.

Former Arizona players participating in the pickup games were Andre Iguodala, Richard Jefferson, Luke Walton, Mike Bibby, and Jason Terry. Right when you thought the dunks from Adams couldn't get any better Iguodala would put on an impressive show of his own. Terry was decked out in his Dallas Maverick's gear and may have stolen the show from a fan's perspective. He played off the crowd and every time he scored he was given an ovation no matter how he scored.

From Bayless to Walters to Jefferson all the players who participated showed that they belonged. That includes young rapper and actor Lil Romeo. Surprisingly the son of rapper Master P has great game. It is also honorable that ex-players like Bibby and Terry never forgot where they came from and the fans that made them.

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