ABCD Camp Day 2 Recap

TEANECK, NJ-The second day of the Reebok ABCD camp contained some exciting match-ups and a few strong performances from some young players with very bright futures. Cat Tracks was on hand at the event to report on Thursday's action.

The three games going on simultaneously at 2:00 p.m. were relatively quiet with action. Brandon Jennings played during the first session and once again he showed off his skill. He is on the short side, but it able to create openings for his teammates as he moves well without the ball and can slide in and out of tight spaces.

Jennings clearly was one of the best players of the camp. His stats don't jump off the page, but he gets it done. He was averaging 7.0 points, 2.7 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 2.7 steals in his three games of action. Jennings is still young and he will be just a sophomore in the fall. His best basketball is still many years off.

On another court featured a clinic by Herb Pope, a 6-8, 213 pound forward from Aliquippa, PA. The junior has already committed to Pittsburg, but he showed some skill while out on the court this afternoon. Pope has nice speed, explosiveness to the basket, hustle, strength inside, and a nice stroke. Pope averaged 11.7 points, and 7.7 steals in his first three games of the camp.

Featured on the last court was Portland native Seth Tarver. Tarver has already admitted to having Arizona as his leader. There was some talk that he had slipped in the eyes of the Wildcats but assistant Reggie Geary was on hand for a few of his games and had to have liked the consistent performances from the wing.

Tarver shot very well and was strong on the defensive end. He had an off game in the scoring department, with only four points in his first game but Tarver pulled down seven rebounds and continues to strive to get more recognition.

The next set of games featured some more talent starting with Wildcat to be Jordan Hill and Malik Story taking on a team comprising Daniel Hackett. Hill continued to look good and Story contributed six points for his team. Hackett put up some big numbers scoring 12 points and tallying four rebounds, three assists and three steals in the contest. Hackett has been showing the coaches that he is for real during the first two days of the event and his stock is rising.

There was a lot of talk about a young player so I took my first lengthy look at Renaldo Sydney. Sydney will be a freshman in the fall but he is well on his way to being one of the best big men in the country. At 6-9and 210 pounds, Sydney can pass the ball well, dribble well with both hands, and he crashes the boards hard.

It was evident that if Sydney bulks up he could be a monster. His only weakness is that he has a tendency to not hustle as hard as he could and sometimes just coast through a few plays. Sydney has stated that he thoroughly liked what he saw at the University of Alabama, and he can't picture that changing. However, he has more than four years before he'll suit up for a college, so a lot can change.

The next game featured a marquee match-up. One team featured the imposing front line of Kevin Love, Lance Thomas and Darrell Arthur. Thomas was matched up with Taylor King, and Arthur defended Oklahoma-bound Damion James. Those two match-ups fought very tough along with quite a few words of trash being exchanged by the two pairs of young men.

Taylor King was able to take good shots, however they just weren't falling. Arthur and James were really going at it with neither young Texan getting much of an advantage. In one of the most memorable moments of the day, James drove into the lane past Arthur. Arthur reached in from the side knocking James to the ground and Arthur was called for the foul. On the very next play, the same thing occurred, only this time Arthur got all ball and was not whistled.

Arthur seemed upset following the game and did not speak with the media. He has maintained all during the camp that it could be tough to pry him out of Texas. We know the Longhorns are really going after him and surprisingly enough he is now listing home-town SMU.

Love did his thing, and it is clear that he will be one special player once he gets to college because he is already well put together despite only being a junior. Love will be among the top players in the 2007 class and he told Cat Tracks that he has several teams on his list but that Arizona and North Carolina are on him the hardest and they are his leaders.

I don't know if Thomas is going to be a three or a four at the next level, but the kid is good. He is so athletic for a guy who is pushing 6-9. He has nice hops and probably won the battle against King.

Alex Stepheson continued to impress. He has a nice combination of quicks and strength. He went hard to the glass and fights for rebounds.

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