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There is a lot of talent in display at the three shoe camps this week. Who better to cover these players than the talent from the network of sites? We surfed the sites for the best stories on UA prospects so you wouldn't have to.

Jeff Goodman of Inside Carolina at ABCD:

Darrell Arthur, PF: Perhaps the most disappointing player at the camp thus far because his talent and potential is well known, but here he's been nearly invisible. He's playing alongside Lance Thomas and Kevin Love and while Thomas has stuggled, Love is thriving. Arthur looks lost and like he's going through the motions. Scored 7 points in the matchup against Bill Walker and was just 2-of-9 from the field.

Kevin Love, C: After a slow start in a matchup against Greg Oden, Love has basically gotten it done in every game since. He's third in the camp in scoring (16.3) behind Paul Harris and O.J. Mayo. His skill level is basically off the charts – and while he doesn't look like the most agile big fella in the world, he's nifty and far more agile than people think. The most impressive part of his game might just be his outlet passes. Love put up 25 points, 8 boards and knocked down his only long-range attempt in the night session – which came against O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker and Cole Aldrich.

Taylor King, F: Usually reliant on his 3-point shot, King has displayed a ton of heart and toughness to battle in the paint. Not the most athletic guy out there, his court intelligence makes up for it. Passes well, finds a way to grab rebounds. His shot isn't as consistent as it's been in the past, but he's a good all-around player who needs to be in the right system to thrive. Don't expect an early decision (again) for the one-time UCLA pledge. Finished with 23 points, including a pair of 3-pointers, in a loss to Greg Oden's team on Thursday night. King is ranked ninth in overall player rating and is averaging 15.3 points per game through the first four sessions. The most impressive part of his game has been his rebounding.

Eric Bossi of Inside Carolina and had these updates from Nike:

Spencer Hawes - The big man just isn't getting many touches and you can't blame him for being frustrated about it. He has done a nice job of racing down the court for transition dunks and he's at his best when he blocks a shot or two. More than one camper referred to him as the most intense guy in attendance and you are always going to get 100% effort out of him.

Raymar Morgan - Morgan is a long 6-7 wing who can also play some power forward. He's a legitimate top 50 guy who plays smart, hard and contributes in several different ways. He's actually quite similar to Stanley Robinson and while not quite the same level of athlete, Morgan has a little more game. It may be too late to get in with him seriously, but he listed Carolina along with Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan, Arizona, Pitt and UConn.

Jerryd Bayless - In one of the more unreal scoring exhibitions seen at Nike Camp in the last few years, the super explosive 6-2 combo guard proved that he is one bad man. If defenders are able to keep him in front of them, there isn't anybody equipped with the quickness off the floor to get a hand in his face on pull-up jumpers where he explodes off of the floor. He's one of those guys with a legitimate 40-inch vertical and he manages to use it to his advantage without relying on it. Once the shots started falling the rest of his game came together and he made some sensational passes in transition or off of slicing drives to the basket. His towering one-handed cram on Solomon Tat during the first night's action is still the talk of the camp, but the alley-oop that he finished with a reverse two handed slam from a standstill position might have been even more impressive.

From Kyle Lamb of of at the ABCD camp:

Taylor King (Mavs) – King was once again one of the best all-around performers at the camp with 30 points, 14 rebounds, five steals, and a pair of blocks in two games against the Mavs and Sonics -- two of the better teams in the camp. King is a big man with a great court awareness, good vision, runs the floor well, and can shoot it well and shoot it deep. He's one of the top players in the country for 2007. Lance Thomas (Mavs) – Once again, Thomas had a great day. His ability to move without the ball is impressive. With the ball, he's very good. He's not afraid to put it on the floor and penetrate, although his best work is down inside.

Kyle has a very nice write-up on Bucknutsthat features mostly on East Coast and Midwestern players. Tracy Pierson wrote about these West coast prospects at Adidas:

2007 prospects:

Robert Sacre, 6-10 center, Vancouver (Canada), Handsworth School. Playing solidly, showing flashes, and with that huge body.

Alex Jacobson, 6-11 center, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei. Hasn't looked great at Adidas, but was sick. He's still one of top three or so centers in west and a potentially elite prospect.

Jamelle Horne, 6-6 small forward, San Diego (Calif.) Hoover. Right now he says North Carolina and Georgia Tech are his favorites. Was injured at Adidas.

Drew Viney, 6-5 shooting guard, Villa Park (Calif.) High. Showed his skills at Adidas once he got acclimated.

Harper Kamp, 6-6 power forward, Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View. Holding out hope that he grows at least another inch in the next year. If so, he's a high major.

Kamyron Brown, 6-1 point guard, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei. Played out of control at times, he hasn't settled into being a true point guard yet. But big and talented.

2008 prospects at Adidas: Luke Babbitt, 6-6 power forward, Reno (Nev.) Galena. One of the best, natural low-post scorers in the west, regardless of class. He's undersized, so you have to hold out hope he grows. But even so, he could still get recruited at high major level.

Larry Drew, 5-11 point guard, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft. Made a name for himself at Adidas as one of the best point guards in the west, and will be listed now among best in the country for 2008.

Aaron Moore, 6-5 small forward, Fontana (Calif.) High. Has a striking resemblance to a young Dijon Thomson, just not physically, but in style of play, but quicker. He'll be among best in 2008 class.

Jeff Withey, 6-9 center, San Diego (Calif.) Horizon. Was a bit over-matched against older, stronger competition, but he has skills and will get stronger. He and Andy Poling from Oregon will be the top centers in the west for 2008.

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