Two lead for Tarver

Seth Tarver is currently having one busy summer. He is working the camp circuits trying to show that he is indeed a top-tier recruit. He has been up and down since the spring, moving in and out of various top-100 lists. The Portland forward has also narrowed down his list, and has a leader. Cat Tracks caught up with the wing in Teaneck, NJ at the Reebok ABCD Camp and got his thoughts on the process.

Tarver is a player best described as good, solid, and consistent. He rarely has a bad game, and yet he rarely has an amazing game. He does work his tail off every game and has a knack for making players around him better.

At the ABCD camp, every time he entered the game his team played seemed to play a little better. When Tarver was on the bench, his teammates often played sloppily and had trouble scoring points. Tarver would step on the floor and things seemed to click.

Tarver utilized his great defensive pressure to slow the opposition. He is a very fundamentally sound player, and that includes a very good passing ability. While other players are busy jacking up shots, Tarver is focusing on playing good team basketball, a rarity at All-Star camps.

Tarver has long had the Wildcats as one of his leaders and that hasn't changed for the Portland native. Tarver has long been pretty vague when it came to his recruiting options, but he was willing to shed some light on the teams that he was interested in.

"Arizona, UConn, Oregon State, Miami," said Tarver. "That's about it right now."

Tarver currently lists four schools but his top two are Arizona and Oregon State. Right now the Wildcats hold a slight lead.

"I like the style, I like how their players get better," Tarver explained. "You can't go wrong with Arizona really."

The Cats hold a lead but they may be waiting on other players before taking commitments from a player like Tarver. That could open the door for Oregon State, a team that has something going for it that other schools don't. You can never factor out the family factor.

"My brother's going there, so I like them," Tarver said. "They're an up and coming program."

Seth's brother Josh will be a freshman basketball player at Oregon State in the fall and Jay John has made the younger Tarver brother a priority. It would not be surprising for the wing to prefer to play alongside his brother rather than against him.

Although Tarver has been in the recruiting spotlight for some time, he always seems as if it is not a top priority with him. He always seems to just go with the flow, not too worried about who was looking at him and where he was ranked.

"It's been all right, it hasn't been too hectic," said Tarver. "I'm usually gone a lot of the time, so it hasn't been too hectic really."

Tarver played well at ABCD, but was it enough to keep the elite programs interested? He has a lot of upside and ability, but this is a class full of good wing players. The Wildcats like him enough to have offered him a scholarship offer, but have not put pressure on Tarver commit like they have with players like Chase Budinger. As the summer develops Tarver will have a chance to prove that he belongs among the elite, and that could very well put him in a Wildcat uniform.

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