Sunday at the TSPL

The action was just as good as ever Sunday at the Tucson Summer Pro League. Although incoming Arizona freshman were not present due to prior commitments, Hassan Adams, Eugene Edgerson, and Kelvin Eafon were. The day was highlighted by the debut of Jawann McClellan.

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The first game of the afternoon pitted El Charro against Team Jumpman. Eafon represented El Charro and Edgerson wore the colors of Team Jumpman. Both had very impressive outings. El Charro quickly went on a 14-2 run and Eafon was using his passing skills to get the ball to his open teammates.

Edgerson was able to dominate inside by overpowering his opponents and cut El Charro's lead down to just five points. Eafon was able to respond with a jumper inside the paint and hit another a short time later to give El Charro a lead of 25-12. Eafon is small but still managed to get around three of his opponents to up his team's lead. Edgerson tipped in his own shot to make the score 33-26 in favor of El Charro at the half.

Edgerson continued to dominate the inside throughout the second half. He grabbed a rebound and redeemed his team by scoring on the inside. Eafon snagged a steal and hit a lay-up on a fast break to give El Charro a nine point lead. Edgerson then hit a monster dunk after he faked his man out. El Charro had some nice street ball like dunks, but perhaps the best was a one handed slam by Eafon. El Charro ended the game with a win with a final score of 73-55. Eafon racked up a total of 15 points and Edgerson tallied up 19 points.

The second game of the afternoon pitted Window Depot against the undefeated UBS. As usual Adams represented UBS. Adams didn't have as many explosive dunks as usual, but he was still productive. Adams won the jumper but his team quickly fell behind. A jump shot by "Hot Sauce" tied the game at seven apiece. Adams followed up with a lay-up that put his team on top.

The lead continued to flip flop for awhile until Adams was able to get inside and regain the lead for his team. He followed up with a beautiful jumper. Adams then managed hit another jumper at the buzzer which put his team firmly in control at the half with a score of 31-24. Adams had 17 points at the half.

Window Depot quickly tied the game at 31 in the second half. A long jumper by Adams put UBS back in control. A fake by Adams allowed him to nail a lay-up off the dribble and before you knew it UBS was on top by 10 points. An Adams dunk made the score 55-38 in favor of UBS. Shortly after Adams missed an ally-oop (the first I have seen him miss all summer long).

Adams redeemed himself by connecting on an ally-oop from an inbounds pass that got the crowd on their feet cheering. UBS ended the game with yet another victory on a final score of 73-60. Adams racked up a total of 37 points.

The final game of the night was between Magpies Pizza and McMahon's Steakhouse. The game was highlighted by the Sunday debut of McClellan. He came out to a nice ovation from the crowd. McClellan was a presence on both ends of the court throughout the game. A jumper by McClellan put Magpies on top with a score of 10-6. McClellan hit a big block inside the paint at the 10:30 mark. At the half Magpies was on top 29-15.

McClellan had only six points in the first half but he really came out during the second half. He scored 10 of Magpies' 11 points at one point during the second. He did so by knocking down ally-oops, lay-ups, and jump shots. McClellan was able to knock down a jumper with his opponent right in his face. A big slam off of a fast break by the Wildcat made the score 53-35 in Magpies' favor.

J-Mac was then able to run the baseline and get inside to add two more points. Another slam dunk by McClellan made the score 68-49. The biggest lead Magpies held throughout the game was 22 points. Magpies won the game with ease with a final score of 74-59. McClellan left the game to another ovation and a 24 point total.

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