Staff changes for UA hoops

Although nothing has been officially announced, expect former Wildcat Miles Simon to be added to the Wildcat coaching staff, presumably as a full time assistant coach. This would leave the Wildcats with one too many assistant coaches, meaning that one coach would need to be reassigned within the program.

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Simon is expected to be in Las Vegas recruiting at the three AAU Tournaments. He joins Lute Olson and Josh Pastner in Nevada. This indicates that Reggie Geary may be moved to another position within the program.

As of two weeks ago it looked as if associate head coach Jim Rosborough would assume another role within program, but that will not be the case. Rosborough would not give all of the details of what transpired but did say that he will remain in the same position he has held since arriving at Arizona.

When asked if things had changed over the last week or so Rosborough indicated.

"It is a safe bet to say ‘yes'," Rosborough said. "Yep. It's been a strange situation" Rosborough would not indicate exactly how things would go.

"We have new people in the program and it will all be worked out," Rosborough said.

Reggie Geary was named as the replacement to Rodney Tention on June 2nd, in part because Simon had not completed the requisite coursework to receive his degree. If Simon has indeed replaced Geary as a full time member of the staff, it is safe to say that Geary will still have a job inside the program.

Assistant coach Josh Pastner and Geary would not comment on the situation although both were adamant that Geary was still on the basketball staff. Pastner also indicated that at the time of his hiring Geary was named the replacement to Tention.

"The Loyola Marymount job opened up and he jumped on it and was able to get it (April 5)," said Geary at the official announcement on June 2nd. "That really opened the door. Coach (Olson) had expressed, as everyone knows, a desire to bring in an ex-ballplayer if the situation was correct. It was an ideal fit for me and my timing couldn't have been better."

The exact nature of the new job has not been named, although either Simon or Geary will be limited in what kind of contact he can have with players both in practice and games.

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