Notes from Wonderland: 64 reasons to love UA hoop

I love Arizona Basketball. I know as a journalist I am not suposed to wear my team colors on the outside, but who am I kidding? I grew up in Tucson. I attended the UofA. I am a fan. In the spirit of the 64 team field (sorry Alcorn) I came up with 64 reasons to love Arizona basketball. I'm sure I missed several reasons. Some will say the list is too weighted towards the last 15 years. Everyone can think of more ideas, but here are mine.

1. One national championsip
2. Two National Player of the Year winners
3. Three pre-season NIT titles
4. Four Final-Fours
5. Bob "Big Bird" Elliott
6. Damon Stoudamire, NBA Rookie of the Year
7. The McKale crowd standing until the opponent scores
8. Steve Kerr being lightly recruited and making the NBA
9. Nine Regular season Pac-10 titles
10. Miles Simon winking at the camera during overtime of NC game
11. The Udalls
12. 12-1 record in the Pac-10 Tournament
13. Sean Elliott breaking the Pac-10 scoring record
14. Lute AND Bobbi Olson Court 15. The "McShot", Craig McMillans last second shot to beat Oregon State
16. The McKale win streak
17. Going 17-1 in the Pac-10 four times
18. Eighteen straight tournament appearances
19. Second stanza of "Bear Down" sounds a lot like "Roll Out The Barrels"
20. Kenny Lofton, MLB All-Star
21. Fred Snowden becoming the first African-American head coach in a major conference
22. Jason Gardner's red shoes
23. Michael Dickerson's defense in the '97 Tournament
24. The win streak at Bear Down Gym
25. New Mexico and Iowa's best players being chased away by little known Gilbert Arenas
26. The Gumbies
27. Tom Tolberts acrobatic shots against UNC
28. Lute Olson's hair
29. Ooh-Ah Man
30. "Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve Keeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!"
31. Jason Terry's socks
32. Sean Elliott staying in Tucson to play for the Cats
33. Gene Edgerson's hair
34. 34 All-Americans
35. 35 wins in ‘88
36. Coniel Norman's outside shot
37. Fred Enke coaching 37 years, winning 497 games
38. Eric Money's flash
39. "Raaaaaay Oweeeeeeessssss!!!!!"
40. Richard Jefferson blocking Tony Giovichini's shot into the crowd
41. Bruce Larsen
42. Miles Simon's 65-footer to beat Cincinnati
43. Herm "The Germ" Harris
44. Luke Walton's voice
45. Pete Williams and Eddie Smith as the foundation for future success
46. Snowden recruiting I-94
47. Russel Brown's court vision
48. Matt Muehlbach going 64-0 at home
49. Jud Buechler still playing in the NBA
50. Mike Bibby
51. The 2OT, come-from-behind win at Washington State
52. Lute trying to punt a basketball while protesting a call against Oregon State
53. Sean "Wookie" Rooks
54. Beating Three #1 seeds in ‘97
55. Luke Walton being the first non-guard to lead the Pac-10 in assists
56. "Wild About The Cats" song
57. Bennett Davison messing up Lutes hair after the NC
58. Loren Woods 14 block shots against Oregon
59. Kalid Reeves going coast to coast against Stanford
60. Joe Turner lifting his goggles before he shot free throws
61. Reggie Geary's defense
62. Anthony Cook's blocked shots
63. Lute Calling Dick Vitale "Dookie V."
64. The 445 players to play basketball at Arizona

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