Miami quotes

Albuquerque, NM--The Miami players practiced and met with the media the day before playing Missouri. Here are some of their comments.

Guard John Salmons
(on why Miami is so tough to play)
"Our biggest strength is our balance. We have five players who averaged double figures so it's hard to really focus on just one player. Everyone on te court can score."

(on defending Missouri's Kareem Rush)
"We put a lot of attention on him. He's a great player. We've played against great players all year. We're just trying to go out there and play Hurricane basketball, play Hurricane defense. If we play as a team we'll be alright."

(on the altitude)
"We're getting used to the altitude now. It was hard at first. The first several times down the court we were gasping for air. Everybody out there has got to go through the same thing"

Coach Perry Clark
(on Missouri's strange season)
"I think they are a good basketball team. I think they are better than a twelve seed. I think they are as talented a team as we played all year. I think they are like Georgetown in our league...I think they can come at you in a lot of different ways. I think they are very versatile and so much of this is going to depend on the bounce of the ball. A rebound here or a rebound there. I think it is going to be a very competitive game."

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