Buckeyes and Wildcats address the media

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--The Ohio State Buckeyes want to avoid a first round loss like they suffered last season to Utah State. They have prepared for Davidson as if they were playing a Big-10 rival. Both teams have a lot of respect for each other and are ready to play. Here are some quotes from the press conferences.

Ohio State coach Jim O'Brien
(on facing Davidson)
"There's no surprise that they've had such a good season when you get to see them more and more on as much tape as we've been watching. It becomes very apparent that they are every bit the team that should be in this tournament. They combine good coaching and very good size, very good low post scoring. (Martin) Ides is 7-2 and is a very effective scorer around the basket. There's the kid by the name of (Chris) Pearson, who's a terrific offensive rebounder and they have some very good guards who love to shoot threes. They're a very good shooting team."

(on the team's seeding)
"We maintain that we had some serious questions about how this happened, but we're going to use this…There's a lot of discussion about the West bracket being the most difficult but there's six or seven teams that won their conference tournament. If you look at all the teams that are in this bracket, you could scare yourself to death…Our immediate objective is to beat Davidson."

Ohio State guard Brian Brown
(on Davidson)
"When they first announced that we were playing Davidson, I don't think anybody had a clue of who Davidson was and what conference they play in…With Davidson, they've got a guy who's 7-2, so they're not undersized at one position, the center spot."

(on getting shipped to the West)
"We use it more as motivation. Even though we won the Big Ten Tournament, we still got the short end of the stick getting a number four seed. Illinois getting a four seed and we come all the way out to Albuquerque and they stay a little closer to home."

Davidson guard Wayne Bernard
"I guess physically and mentally we have to know that we can't compete with these Big Ten teams. I know Ohio State might be known for being physical, but we can compete with them."

Davidson forward Chris Pearson
(on Ohio State)
"Pretty much scouting them, the approach is the same as any team. They have tendencies and we try to look at the tendencies and anticipate what they are trying to do. They definitely have a lot of weapons…We've played a lot of teams who play a similar style of game. Maybe not at the level of Ohio State, but we're prepared."

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