Coach's Corner: Cats ready for Wyoming

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--The Wildcats were not playing on Friday, but that didn't mean they were resting. The team had a spirited practice and then took several hours to fulfill media obligations. Lute Olson talked with the media on a variety of subjets.

Question: What have you done differently with this young team this year in terms of training tables and other interaction?

Lute Olson: "In the past I'd finish practice and I'd head home. Now I stay around McKale longer. It's a good opportunity for me to spend time with the guys. It gave me an opportunity to get them to know me other than from a dictatorial situation on the court. They can see I'm at least somewhat human."

Question: Channing Frye has been a pleasant surprise, how good can he be?

Olson: "One of the huge jobs is to make guys go beyond what they believe they can be. Frye has the ability to be as good as he wants. It's our job to develop him into as good a player as he can be. He's got a chance to be as good as any big guy we've had."

Question: You turned a struggling Arizona program into one of the premier programs. Is that something that could happen at any major conference school?

Olson: "It can. You have to be somewhat lucky in your early recruiting classes. You have to get some great kids. Great kids attract more great kids. If you bring in bad kids, you'll just draw more bad kids. It's easier in a more populated area. We've gotten some great players out of Arizona, but they tend to be few and far between. We need to go and find kids."

Question: Luke Walton is a unique player with his passing ability and court vision, how important is he to this team?

Olson: "We want to get the ball in Luke's hands to make plays. Sometimes he gets impatient trying to make something happen before we get the defense where we want them. Luke has to understand that he doesn't need to make the spectacular pass on his first possession."

Question: Do you remember Wyoming's Josh Davis when you played them four years ago?

Olson: "I was tremendously impressed with Josh. He's much more effective now. He was an outstanding freshman and he's developed into an outstanding senior."

Question: Donta Richardson did a great job on Dan Dickau. Will he pose a problem for Jason Gardner?

Olson: "Richardson is good. He's quick and he's long. Generally speaking that will bother the shorter point guards. Jason's faced about every defense you could face this year. Jason is getting better at moving without the ball. That's a hard thing to learn for a player who is used to handling the ball all the time in high school."

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