Game Talk: Cats End Season

SAN JOSE - After the game ended, there was plenty to say from both coaches, the players and even some of the reporters. While most of the media skipped the last few minutes of the Arizona loss to watch Duke lose (sweet), many were back around to catch what OU and Arizona had to say after the game.

Arizona head coach Lute Olson:

"Oklahoma was a whole lot quicker and more explosive to the ball. Every loose ball was theirs. We felt that the difference in the game would be the number of possessions. They out-boarded us on the offensive end by four and we had 12 turnover to their five. That was the difference in the two teams."

"Kelvin (Sampson) made a good adjustment in the second half to get (Aaron) McGhee off. He's an awfully good player inside and out."

"It was a great year for this young team. We had a lot of games where we had to battle. Tonight, they out-quicked and outfought us in the second half. It's obvious we have to have more of a defensive presence. Next year we are going to be a much, much better team. When we have more of an inside-outside balance."

"Hollis Price is certainly as good as any of the guards we've seen this year. He can knock down the three and penetrate too. He had 22 in the first half and only four in the second when we did a better job on him."

"Their quickness was obvious on loose ball situations and their ability to beat us to the hole. We weren't going to let McGhee maneuver down low but they did a good job at it in the second half."

"You can see how down Luke (Walton) and Jason (Gardner) are. We told them that they have to see the big picture but it's a devastating loss to us. But we've far exceeded any expectations anyone had for us. Right now it's difficult to think about anything about the season."

"When we as a team look to the future, we know we have to be more balanced. Channing Frye showed signs of what's ahead for him. He and Isaiah Fox will develop and that will make us a much better team. Next year we'll be able to get the ball inside to them and back out again for shots. This year they were used more for screening. We leave to Australia on May 11th and we'll have 10 practices here before we leave and then 10 games while we're down there. That will go a long way in the development of our big guys and we'll be a much better team next year because of it.

Oklahoma forward Daryan Selvy:

"Coach just told us to penetrate and kick it out and that's what we did. We were a little tentative (in the first half) and refs were calling everything. In the second half we didn't worry about the fouls. We were more aggressive."

On the time he blew kisses at Walton
"I told (Walton) he wasn't getting nothing on me. Iwas waiting to hold him the whoe game and coach finally put me on him."

Oklahoma point guard Quannas White:

"Hollis hits big shots. He's a bit shot guy."

"We only went to the free throw line two times in the first half and they went there 12 times. That's a sign that we weren't aggressive enough. He (coach Sampson) just told us to keep attacking and stop settling for threes because we weren't hitting them. He just told us to go out there and compete and play hard."


Arizona center Isaiah Fox:

"They just had a lot more possessions than we had and that was a back breaker. We'd go on a little run and they'd get a couple of rebounds and that was a back breaker the whole game.

"We got down on ourselves but we weren't competing like we were in the first half."

"Everytime we got beat (this year) we went down swinging. Tonight it just seemed like no matter what were doing or what we threw at them they just kept coming even harder than what we did."

Wildcats guard Will Bynum had a different opinion:

"I think they just outworked and they wanted it more. I just outworked us, especially on the offensive boards. They just coming and coming and it seemed like we just laid down. Oklahoma came out more fired up and they were ready in the second half."

Asked if the Sooners had a big edge because they were  a moreexperienced team, Bynum said, "I don't think (Oklahoma's experience) was a factor. We're all good basketball players or we wouldn't be here."

Looking back on the season, Bynum said, "It was a great season and we played some great teams, but tonight I don't think we went out swinging.I don't think we gave it our best shot."

Arizona starting center Channing Frye on what Wildcats fans should expect in the future:

"I think next year we'll go really far. I can say that right now because on our team everybody works real hard in the off season and we're all gym rats. With this kind of team chemistry everybody's going to stay friends, everybody's going to work hard and (the fans) should expect a lot out of next year."

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