Texas Safety visits Tucson

This summer has been a very good year for unofficial visitors in the Old Pueblo. Already the Wildcat coaches have been visited by a number of top prospects from California to Texas. It is the Texas kids visiting that is most impressive and the coaches played host to yet another Lone Star stud today in Tucson.

Houston (Tex.) Klein Collins safety/linebacker Franklin Mitchem was in town today on an unofficial visit to check out Tucson. The 6-foot-3 inch, 190 pound Mitchem had some good things to say about his brief visit with his father to Tucson.

"I had a good time," he said. "I met with the coaching staff and they showed me around and we saw the campus and everything, it was good. I met with some academic people and we toured the weight room and everything. I like it a lot, it was fun."

One of the things that caught Mitchem's attention was the amount of Texas kids currently on the Arizona roster.

"They told me that they have like 20 kids form the Houston area," said Mitchem. "I know Ronnie Palmer from when I played against him when he was at Spring. He surprised me because he was so big now. He has really gotten a lot bigger since I saw him last. I had no clue they had that many guys from Texas on their team. I thought they would pull a lot more kids from California but they had a lot of Texas kids."

While in Tucson Mitchem said that he got to meet and talk to the coaches and that they made a good solid impression on him.

"I like the coaches," said Mitchem. "I have talked to coach (Eric) Wolford before because he is recruiting me. I got to meet with Coach (Mike) Stoops and he is a nice guy. He really seemed like he is serious about what they are doing there, turning it around. He is really positive about his plan for the future and I like that a lot."

Mitchem, who is a solidly built 6-3, 190, has a good frame in which he could bulk up even more and possibly make the move to linebacker at the next level but that is something he does not really want to do.

"I would do it if they needed me to, but I like playing safety and that is where I want to play," he said. "Arizona is recruiting me as a safety and they talked to me about where they would want me to play and they said safety. They said if I continued to grow that a move to linebacker could happen but they definitely want to start me at safety."

As far as his trip meeting his expectations, Mitchem said that it did in deed meet his expectations.

"I would say that it met my expectations for sure," he said. "My dad really liked the academic stuff at Arizona. I liked it a lot."

CatTracks got a hold of Mitchem while he and his father were on their way back up to Phoenix where they will visit Arizona State tomorrow. Mitchem has also been to Texas Tech and Texas A&M and said that he could decide within the next couple of weeks.

"I would like to get it done before school starts," he said. "I don't really want it to drag out for a long time."

CatTracks will keep everyone posted on the process of Mitchem's summer plans.

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