Singler on Mend

Kyle Singler's injury could have been much worse. The Oregon forward figured his junior season was lost, but instead, he may be back on the court within the next month.

While his former teammate, Kevin Love, suits up for the Southern Cal All-Stars, fellow elite 2007 player Kyle Singler can only watch from the sideline.

The 6-8, 210-pound Singler injured his right knee in a scrimmage on the first day at Nike Camp earlier this month and while there was speculation that the skilled forward may miss his junior season, the prognosis for his recovering is much more favorable than initially feared.

Singler had surgery about 10 days ago after the doctors discovered there was a partial tear. Singler is in a straight leg brace for the next two weeks or so – and is expected to miss a grand total of six to eight weeks.

``I was really excited when I heard that," Singler said. "I was glad it wasn't a torn ACL."

Now the 17-year-old Singler can focus his efforts on watching his Portland Legends teammates – and also trying to gain strength in his upper body.

Believe it or not, Singler's passion when he was younger was actually hockey. Now Singler excels on the basketball court and is also a standout quarterback, but that wasn't always the case.

``All I did when I was growing up was play hockey," Singler said. "But then we moved from Salem and there wasn't any hockey in Medford, so I started playing basketball and football."

Singler comes from impressive bloodlines. His father was a quarterback at Oregon State while his mother played basketball for the Beavers. Despite the family history, don't look for Singler to follow in his parents footsteps.

No knock on OSU, but Singler has just about everyone in the country looking at him. Singler said that Duke, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona and North Carolina comprise his top five.

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