Texas lineman discusses his visit

Arizona has one offensive lineman committed in the class of 2006, but obviously need to add a few more. Several of their targets have already been in town and another came mid-week to check out the Wildcat program.

Buddy Brumit said to check in Thursday and he might know something regarding his Top Two Choices. And if not Thursday, then we'd find out soon enough Friday regarding where his future destination might lie. Checking the calendar, Thank God It's Friday. The 6-2.5, 287-pound center/guard prospect is back in Garland having seen Tucson, Arizona up close and personal so let's have at it... First, let's go back a bit for those who might not have followed the Buddy saga...

The Texas Top 100 standout told us after checking out Lubbock (a month or so ago) that if the Red Raider coaching staff would go for it, he'd like to give them a soft commitment to lock down a spot in the 2006 OL class, but also to meet a prior obligation to visit Arizona, which was something he agreed to giving the Cats before Texas Tech entered the picture.

Permission granted Brumit headed to Tucson and is already back.

So has he made a final decision yet?

"No, I haven't and I told Coach Wolfie (Eric Wolford) I just didn't know what I wanted to do, and that I'd need a couple of days to think about it -- I might take the whole weekend," Brumit revealed after sharing that the UA coaches put no pressure on him, but after the visit was over did ask if he was sticking with Tech or if he thought about changing his mind in favor of Arizona. "I'd like to go fishing, take a little time out to consider the pros and cons -- just have the time to ultimately decide where I'm going to be the most comfortable for the next four to five years of my life."

Expected Final Decision Date: "I'll probably use this whole weekend and then make a decision Monday."

Dean: Thoughts on visit to Tucson?

Brumit: It was definitely a 10. I had a blast. It was the most fun I ever had at a college. I took in a lot of sites and when people tell you it's beautiful in Arizona, it's really an understatement once you get out here and see it for yourself.

Dean: You mentioned weighing the pros… Throw out Arizona's plusses for me, if you can file off some on the spot…

1. My relationship with Coach Wolfford. We forged a relationship early on, and later talked football and stuff. But he's someone I can relate to and it's been that way since the start.

2. The visit there really was a blast. There's a lot to do there. And it's really nice.

3. Also, the commitment they showed in me from the beginning. They must like everything they see because they were the first to offer.

4. Coach Wolford breaks down NFL linemen and uses it to teach, to critique and mold his offensive linemen into NFL prospects. You can just tell that (Arizona's) on top of what they're doing there and Coach Wolford is very smart, and good at what he does.

5. I got a chance to meet the players, most of the team, and I'd have to say that I could fit in with those guys really well. It's definitely a family there. And, a lot of people were saying how much I looked like Blake Kerley (played for district rival South Garland—2004 senior), so I was great and I had a great time.

Dean: Throw out some of Tech's plusses…

1. They have my major and I'm really interested in becoming a doctor. So they have that on Arizona.

2. I just liked the atmosphere in Lubbock. I like the environment and it's familiar.

3. I'm closer to my family if I decide to go to Texas Tech. My family could come see my games easier.

4. I think I can relate really well with Coach Bedenbaugh. He reminds me a lot of Coach Wolfie. I first met the Tech coach at camp and he was all football. Then, we started talking about other things. He's a real cool guy and another coach I feel I can relate to.

Dean: Looks like a tough decision, be sure to take all the time you need, but make sure you keep that darn phone next you.

Brumit: I've been trying to keep to myself so I can take a little time out, myself. Ultimately I have to make a decision that is best for me, a decision that benefits me the most. So, I'll use this weekend to figure it out and then I'll make my decision on Monday.

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