Love Shaq, baby!

Kevin Love made headlines this summer. His standout performances were overshadowed by a controversy involving two shoe companies. Whether he was wearing Reebok or Nike it did not matter, Love took on the best big men in the country and was more often a man among boys.

At 6-8 and over 250 pounds, few prep post players can match up with Love down low. He has amazing footwork and great moves in the post. You could even call him a ‘Love Shaq'.

Despite his size he is deceptively athletic. He can put the ball on the floor and knock down the outside shot. He should be even quicker when he becomes 100%. He is overcoming a serious knee injury and is not in the cardiovascular shape that he was last summer.

Love created a bit of a stir this summer when he attended the ABCD Camp in Teaneck, NJ. He wanted to take on the nation's best players, including big men Greg Oden. Well it seems that the folks at Nike were not too happy that he bypassed the Nike All-American Camp to play in an event sponsored by a rival shoe company.

Love was basically told that he was not welcomed back on the Portland Legends, a Nike backed traveling team. With his best friend and Legends teammate Kyle Singler out with a knee injury, moving to a new team was not a difficult situation.

To say that he landed on his feet would be an understatement. Love finished out the summer recruiting season playing with the SoCal All-Stars, a team loaded with high D-I prospects, including big time targets Chase Budinger, Brandon Jennings and Taylor King.

"I have a bunch of friends on this team," Love said. "Everything is working out with these guys."

He liked it so much that he admitted he wanted to get the highly rated Singler to join the team next summer.

All summer long Love has had Arizona and North Carolina as his top schools, but he has added a third to his list of favorites.

"UCLA is up there too," Love confessed. "The other schools are UConn, Duke, Kansas and Washington."

No fewer than five SoCal All-Star players listing the Wildcats and Singler is also interested in Lute Olson's program. With so many familiar faces looking at Arizona, could there be a package deal in effect?

"Kyle and I have talked about that a lot," Love said. "It could def happen. I have a lot of friends who want to go there and go to certain other places."

Right now Love is in no hurry to make a decision. He knows that he will be among the most sought after players in the 2007 class and he will probably take his time sorting out all of the elite programs who want his services.

One thing he knows for sure is that he will indeed go to school. The NBA's new 19-year old rule means that there is no decision for Love. He will at least go to one year of college and maybe more.

While some big time recruits are disappointed, Love does not see the rule as being a major obstacle.

"It really didn't matter to me," Love explained. "My mother would really like to see me go to college. My dad it may be a little different story. We know what we want to do and I really want to go to college."

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