Texas tight end ready to become a Cat

It may be the maturity that comes with being the son of a serviceman, but whatever the reason, Matt Padron is a young man with his feet on the ground except when he's going up in a crowd to snare a pass. A three-year varsity starter at San Antonio Clark High School, Padron is expected to develop into a fine blocking tight end in college who also just happens to have a pair of soft hands.

Cat Tracks talked to the second of three San Antonio prospects to commit to the Cats and the rugged tight end offered some insights into the reasons for Arizona's recruiting success in the Lone Star state.

C.T. Matt, you were one of the earliest San Antonio kids to commit to the UofA. Were you the first?

M.P. I was actually the second.. Gilbert Harris who goes to Churchill actually committed in the summer. Churchill is our rival school.

C.T. How did you do this year against Churchill?

M.P. We blew them out, I think the final was about 24-6.

C.T. How well do you know Gilbert? He looks like he's a pretty big back?

M.P. I know Gilbert pretty well because I've played against him since our freshman year. He's really quick for a big guy. Right now, he's probably about 220. I talked to him the other day and he said he was up around 220.

C.T. Why do you think so many Texas kids were drawn to the University of Arizona?

M.P. Well Coach Mackovic coached at the University of Texas so we already had a good feel for

him and his coaching there and knew about the facilities that he had installed at UT. We knew about him first of all, then we got up there and met the people.

C.T. How does the new weight room at the UofA rate?

M.P. The weight room at the UofA is as good as anywhere in the country.

C.T. Did you play against the other San Antonio recruit coming to Tucson (Rashawn Mosley)?

M.P. I have seen Rashawn play a couple of times. Rashawn is incredibly fast and very agile. He explodes well and has surprising strength so he can make a move on you or use a stiff arm.

C.T. Did you get to see any of the Wildcat games this year on television?

M.P. I saw about five of the Wildcats' games on Fox. They always had a late game on Fox.

C.T. Did you play any other sports?

M.P. Not this year but my freshman and sophomore year I played basketball and in my freshman, sophomore and junior years I played baseball.

C.T. Did you play both ways in high school football?

M.P. No, our school was so big we had 63 guys on varsity, most of us only played one way. My junior year we had only one guy go both ways and I don't think we had anybody this year go both ways.

C.T. How would you describe yourself as a tight end?

M.P. I think I am a balanced tight end. I've dropped two passes in three years and caught 60 I believe. Our offense didn't really utilize the TE that much but if the ball was thrown in my area I usually caught it. I like to be a force in the running game. I try to give a total effort and get my assignment done right every play.

C.T. When do you think you'll go to Tucson?

M.P. I'm going to try to get up there for the second semester of summer school so I can use their weight room. I think the NCAA mandates you have to be a student to use the weight room.

C.T. How big are you?

M.P. I weighed this morning and right now I'm 265 and 6-5. Since December I've been hitting the weights pretty hard. I've been trying to reduce my fat index and increase my strength.

C.T. What's your best time in the 40 yard dash?

M.P. My best time in the 40 is in the 4.8 range.

C.T. Did you get a chance to see the ESPN special on Arizona football?

M.P. I was really happy with the special on the UofA. I thought it was a very good representation. I don't know if you saw the special on Texas A&M but I liked ours a lot better. A&M recruited me pretty heavily.

C.T. Matt, did you notice the A&M special on ESPN seemed to emphasize the tight ends a lot?

M.P. I know but I was looking to get away from the 90-10 run-to-pass ratio and get into more of a pro oriented offense..

C.T. What will you major in at the UofA?

M.P. I'm not sure what I'm going to major in, but I'm thinking somewhere in the business school.

C.T. Who did you get to meet on your official visit to Tucson?

M.P. My official visit was Dec. 7th. I met Matt Lamatsch, Lewis Nunez, Akin Akinniyi, and Kili Lefotu, That was a pretty good visit. I had been there in the summer and before the summer was over, I already had a feeling that I wanted to go to Arizona. I love Tucson. I can't wait to get out there.

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