Canales promising more aggressive offense

Mike Canales admits that he would like to do things a bit differently. He'll be the first to admit the Wildcat offense was far too conservative, and in effect, too low scoring. The Arizona offensive coordinator discussed some of the tweaks in the offense.

What's the biggest change in the offense?

Mike Canales: The biggest thing for us is you've got guys with a little more talent. We brought in a heck of a class. I think you can see that in some of the guys who are playing. I think you can see that the kids are more physically prepared, more mentally prepared. I think we just have to keep working on the little things to get better.

Coach Stoops has said that he wants the offense to be far more aggressive.

Canales: It's full aggressive mode. It's going to be a defensive mentality playing offense. We're going to be aggressive and get after it. Try to push the ball down the field. Do it in the right situations. Know what we are going to get from the defenses and see if we can get them into predictable situations and formations. Be able to push the ball down the field.

I think we have to be aggressive. We can't be back on our heals. I made a comment to the offense that we are going to be on the balls of our feet moving forward.

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How will you employ this aggressiveness?

Canales: I think it just the variety of throwing the ball deep or pushing the ball vertical. Anyway you can, whether it is through play action or through receiver play. You just have to find a way to get the ball down field so the kids can make plays.

Why do you think you got so conservative last season?

Canales: New staff, new guys, unsure. Not playing well early you get a little hesitant. You get way too conservative in what you do. I think you have to go back a re-evaluate and see what you can do best.

The players seem to have a bit of a different way of carrying themselves. Is this a sign of confidence?

Canales: You can see a little bit of a difference in the way they are walking, in the way they are bouncing, the way the receiver are moving and reacting. It's nice. It's nice to have some of these kids out here. Mike Jefferson is doing well, as is Step. Mike Thomas can really run.

Do you have the game breakers that you need?

Canales: There is no doubt. With Mike Thomas and B.J. Vickers and B.J. Dennard being on our side a little bit now. I think those guys have big play ability with the backfield that we have, they can break one at any time. I think we have Brad Wood at tight end who can push the ball down the field with his routes and so can Kilpatrick. He can really run. Some people are surprised, but he can really run.

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