Notes From Wonderland: Random thoughts

With the basketball season over I've had some time to sit back and reflect on a number of things. I was thinking about this year's team, last year's team and even next year's team. I also had a chance to do some reading, watch a couple of movies and of course watch a lot of sports. This week's column is just going to be some random musings about a lot of different subjects.

First of all let me congratulate Gary Williams and the Terps for their big win. It goes to show that if you are serious about a national championship, coming back for your senior season is a key. Drew, Jason, Caron are you listening?

I was also thinking about the 2001 Final Four. I was wondering if the refs did not hand Duke the win over Maryland, would Williams have gotten the title a year early or would Lute have a second ring? Gilbert would still be hurt, but would Jason shoot so poorly without Jason Williams mugging him? And if he did shoot well, would Gardner have come back this year? Just some things to think about.

Speaking of Maryland, most mock drafts have Juan Dixon as a second round draft pick. Give me that guy on my team any day of the week.

The Glass House is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I feel like I had two hours of my life slowly ripped from me. However, I will recommend the DVD version of the movie which contains audio commentary from the director and the writer. These two guys talk like they one-upped Hitchcock. They talk about "motif" and "juxtaposition" on one of the worst wastes of film I have seen in quite awhile.

Did anyone see the ESPN the Magazine basketball awards show? What a farce. It should have been called the "Dukies". Williams being named best point guard I can live with. Mike Dunleavy being named best swing forward is iffy (Caron Butler anyone?). But to name Carlos Boozer the best center? Are they kidding me? He isn't the best center in the ACC. The other nominees were David West of Xavier and Udonis Haslem of Florida. Apparently they have never seen guys like Curtis Borchardt or Lonny Baxter play. I'd just as soon have Nick Collison than Boozer.

Williams was named Player of the Year. While I think he is a great player, I'd rather have Drew Gooden or Dixon. In fact give me Jason Gardner in the clutch. Wake me when Williams finally makes a critical free throw.

How good is the Big-12?

24 started off as one of the most innovating shows on television, but in recent weeks it has slipped. When the mom got amnesia you could hear the collective groans of the nation. If you haven't seen it wait for re-runs. There is some very good stuff. Plus seeing Denis Haysbert play a serious, non-baseball role is funny. I can't help but remember his role as Serrano in Major League. In 24 he plays a presidential candidate, but I keep picturing him giving rum and cigars to his little voodoo doll.

The Wildcats have a nice recruiting haul coming in and the addition of Andre Iguodala would solidify it as one of the best. Even with out him Hassan and Chris are a nice pair. Both are nice, courteous kids. Chris is a very quiet, polite player that the fans will love. Very sound fundamentals.

If you like hard rock, check out the new album from Down. It's an all-star project with members of Pantera, COC and Crowbar. It is a bluesy, heavy metal album featuring one of the best voices in metal. If you don't like that kind of music, stay far, far away.

I have a feeling that the battles for post positions in next year's line-up will be great. Frye will add bulk, Fox will shed bulk and Latimore could really explode. Latimore looked like he was really picking things up at the end of the year.

With Matt Lamatsch on campus, football fans are getting a look at the future. He's 6-7, 310 and looks HUGE next to some of the other linemen. Considering that the smallest new recruit is 6-4, 285, the JC transfer looks to be the wave of the future.

The more I see of Kirk Johnson the more I love the kid. Last year I interviewed him and he said, "I have good closing speed and when I get there I get there with a bad attitude." If that wasn't good enough, the linebacker had surgery on his knee and made UA staff members drive him right to practice. Now that's a football player.

Tremaine Cox could become a great story. After academic difficulties the Tucson High grad has apparently gotten his grades in order and should rejoin the team in the summer. More impressive is that he has been to almost every practice. He may move to wide receiver or defensive back upon his return.

Is Billy Donovan the Steve Lavin of the east?

I have had the opportunity to co-host both the Andy Lopez and the Mike Candrea shows on Fox Sports Radio 1290. These two are great guys, who love their respective sports. Candrea has brought out a lot of his players to the show. To a player they are nice, engaging and very good interviews. Jennie Finch is surprisingly humble and nice. If I was as good as her I don't know if I wouldn't be a little ego-inflated. If you ever have a chance to talk to Leneah Manuma, do so. She is as out going as they come, funny too.

Coach Lopez is also an extremely humble guy. Here is a guy who won a College World Series ring, but doesn't even know where it is. Talk to him for a few minutes and you can tell how deep his passion for baseball runs.

Baseball season has started. I may not watch a ton of games, but it becomes the soundtrack for summer. The Diamondbacks will be on the radio continuously as I work. Two games, two shutouts. How good are Johnson and Schilling?

Well enough rambling, maybe next week I'll have a theme for my column.


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