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Shareece Wright is a 5-11, 185-pound cornerback from Colton, California, and Shareece joined teammate Allen Bradford and Rancho Cucamonga DB Devin Ross for a four-college road trip that lasted over a week. Scout.com spoke with Wright Sunday about the schools he visited, his timeline for choosing a school and whether or not these 'three amigos' will all call the same school home for the next 4-5 years.

"We started off at Oregon State," Wright said. "That's the first school we went to. We enjoyed it. It was nice. We got to see the campus and the football facilities and meet the coaches. They seemed cool. Then after that we drove up to Washington and the next day we went to the University of Washington. They had a junior day that day, so we got to meet up with some other recruits from around the way. I talked to Coach (Tyrone) Willingham and Coach (Steven) Wilks and the whole staff and some of their players. That was good. Then we went to the University of Oregon. We met everyone there and watched a practice. We talked to the coaches and saw their facilities. We stopped by Cal too. Cal was nice. They had practice that day so we got to watch them practice, get after it a little bit. And we met the coaches. too.

"We liked every school we went to."

So will Wright ultimately verbally commit to a school that he visited on this recent road swing? "There's a high possibility," he said. "They are all Pac-10 schools and they are all on the west coast and I want to play in the Pac-10. And the west coast is treating me the best right now."

And what about one school bowling the equivalent of a recruiting turkey and landing all three players? "It's up in the air," Wright said. "We talked about it a whole lot and we had a lot of time to talk and get to know Devin Ross a lot more. We all have offers from the same schools. We just want to go to the schools that are the best for us.

"It's funny, because they (Bradford and Ross) are all interested in the same schools, except they've got USC and UCLA in there too, but as far as west coast schools we happen to like the same schools. Who knows what's going to happen."

Shareece also talked a little bit about how he plans on narrowing down his list of schools. "I want to narrow it down as much as possible before (high) school starts," he said. "I'm not really interested in making an early commitment. I might make it to myself early, but I probably won't make it public. I don't know if I'm going to take all my trips during the season or if I'm going to take two during the season and some after. I'm taking trips to Nebraska (9/3) and to LSU when they play Tennessee (9/24). Arizona, I'm going to take an official there. And I'm probably going back to Oregon and Washington too."

Here's a list of the five schools that currently lead for Wright's services and what he had to say about each program: (in alphabetical order)
Arizona - "I had a chance to a little camp there and I talked to coach Mark Stoops and Mike Stoops. I feel like that's another place where I could be successful early."
LSU - "From what I'm hearing and what I know about the team, I would fit in there as much as if I went to Washington, Arizona or Oregon. I think I would have a good opportunity, and if I felt good about everything I could see myself going there too."
Nebraska - "The coaches showed me a lot of love from the start. They were the first team to offer me. If I go out there and I feel good about it, I could go there. They have a good history."
Oregon - "It's somewhere I could see myself playing and I feel I fit into their program. I could make an impact on their team."
Washington - "I like them a lot. I think I would be successful there and I would have opportunities to be successful."

All the schools involved are recruiting Wright as a defensive back, but the Wildcats also would like to see what he can do on the other side of the ball too. "Arizona, they want me to play receiver too, run a couple of plays," he said. "I love offense to death. I love scoring touchdowns, catching the ball and running the ball. But on defense, I think I'll last longer and be more successful there. I wouldn't mind catching a couple of balls, but I'm a defensive player. I would like to score a touchdown in college, see the fans go crazy. But the best would be to get an interception and take it to the house."

Wright also talked a little bit about the criteria he's using when trying to figure out which college fits him best. "It doesn't matter what university you are going to go to, you're going to get a good education," he said. "You're going to be successful unless you actually try not to. I think about that and where I feel comfortable. When I go somewhere, can I hang with the players? These are the guys I'm going to be with, so do I like them? If I do what I have to do and work hard in the weight room, I want to have an opportunity and a chance to play."

And his thoughts about a leader right now? "It's too tough to say," said Wright. "I'll take my officials and see what I get out of that, then I'll be able to tell you. Until then, they are all the same."

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