Game Log: Olson All-Star Classic

The Game Log is back! After a four month lay-off the regular feature is back for a preseason warm-up. Although it will be back in force for football season, the Lute Olson All-Star Classic seemed like a perfect time to resume the feature for the first time since the Oklahoma State game.

(There was actually one written for the Illinois game but it was too painful to put up.)

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6:20 before the tip
The rain has wreaked havoc down near McKale. Parking that was planned for the grassy mall area had to be moved and the crowd is late in arriving. They pushed back the tip a little bit.

5:00 before the tip
It's odd seeing all of these guys on the floor. So man of them look different than they did when the played here. Tommy Tolbert is 20 pound heavier and sports a shaved head. Sean Rooks is all tatted up. Guys like Gilbert Arenas, Richard Jefferson and Luke Walton just look more mature.

1:00 before the tip
Miles Simon is not suited up, but was sitting on the bench. Former players like Bob Elliott, Justin Wessel, Jason Stewart and Matt Brase are among those in attendance. A few current players are also in attendance. Just noticed Ivan Radenovic.

0:00 before the tip
Ovation for Steve Kerr was deafening. J.T. was not far behind and his short victory lap complete with blown kisses did not hurt. When Bramlett is announced Terry raises and lowers his hands as if to say "we're not worthy".

A very nice ovation for Reggie Geary, but it is eclipsed by Richard Jefferson's intro right after. Chants of "LUUUUUUUKE" for Luke Walton. Don't remember that when he was a player. Doesn't Lute have the trademark on that cheer?

Tremendous ovation for Jason Gardner. That is nice to hear. With the debate over whether or not he should have his jersey retired, it is apparent that the fans on hand appreciate what he did for the Cats.

Blair takes his time coming out and eggs the crowd on for more cheers.

No shock, the loudest ovation was for hometown hero Sean Elliott. It was close between he and Kerr, but I think the former Cholla standout got it by a smidge.

A fun thing about an event like this is remembering the careers of these guys. Remembering just how good Khalid Reeves was his senior year. Or how bad a foul shooter Joe Turner was. Remember him taking his prescription goggle OFF to shoot foul shots.

Starting line-up for the red: Bramlett, Terry, Jefferson, Kerr and Williams. For the white: Walton, Elliott, Arenas, Gardner and Tolbert. It is the return of ‘Batman and Robin'. For good measure JT jumps up on the scorer table to incite the fans and Tolbert steals the ball from the ref in place of the opening tip.

11:50 in the first quarter
Terry to RJ for a sweet alley coop dunk.

10:54 in the first quarter
Tolbert misses a three point shot by abut two feet. From the look of his girth, he hasn't been playing a lot of pick-up ball.

9:28 in the first quarter
Back-to-back buckets by Pete Williams and the Red leads 8-3.

9:10 in the first quarter
Kerr for three and crowd chimes in with the first "Steeeeve Keeeeer" of the day.

8:21 in the first quarter
40-something year old Pete Williams has six. He hardly looks like he's in his 40's. I'd like to know what he's been eating. Dude is in shape. On the other hand there is Tom Tolbert. Then Tolbert brings the ball up so slowly (full speed?) that he draws a 10 second violation.

6:12 in the first quarter
Pete Williams goes up for a tomahawk dunk and Rooks blocks him so hard that he almost takes his arm off. Wookie instantly apologized. The next possession Rooks drains a three. He follows that up with a behind the back pass to Blair for a dunk.

4:49 in the first quarter
Geary drains a three then is called for a foul when he hand checks Anderson. Anderson turns to the crows and says "he pushes me all the time." To which a fan responds to Geary. "Go get ‘em coach.".

3:08 in the first quarter
Geary verbally forces an Anderson turnover. As Anderson sprints down the break Geary yells "behind you, behind you" causing Anderson to rush a pass which sails out of bounds.

1:14 in the first quarter
We have a Peter Hansen and I believe a John Edgar sighting in the crowd.

0:00 in the first quarter
They introduce some of the 1988 players who are not suited up. Matt Muhelbach does not look much different, while you could hardly recognize Craig McMillan.

9:16 in the second quarter
Thanks to some convenient officiating, Tom Tolbert assisted on his own bucket. He airballed a finger roll (badly) but caught his own miss and kissed it off the glass. He then got on the house mic to thank the crowd.

7:09 in the second quarter
Sweet oop from Bramlett to Terry that causes Terry to do the "jet" and jump up on the press row. Is t any wonder that the fans love this guy?

6:00 in the second quarter
Anderson drains a three over Khalid, then gives it to him a little bit. Reeves comes back down and sticks one in Anderson's face. Not to be outdone Anderson and J.T. then trade long balls.

5:01 in the second quarter
2007 stud recruit Jerryd Bayless is in the house. So is the Ooh Ahh man. JT looks like he is ready to go out there and help out the Cats unofficial mascot.

0:15 in the second quarter
The White team plays for the last shot which causes Steve Kerr to taunt "C'mon, this is an All-Star game."

Halftime is devoted to retiring the jersey of Jason Gardner. Because he has not had the NBA career that other players have had, he gets lost in the shuffle, but his college career was amazing. The key stat, Gardner was 107-29 in his four year career. As the accolades pour in for Jason Gardner, his young daughter pumps her fist.

12:00 in the third quarter
Tolbert comes out with every pad in the building on. He has elbow pads, knee braces and even calf sleeves on. He looks more like a gladiator than a basketball player. He also got rid of the NIKE basketball shoes and put on some black Vans.

9:40 in the third quarter
Terry airballs a shot, then leads the crowd in an "Air Baaaaaall" chant.

12:00 in the fourth quarter
Tolbert has now added a football skull cap to his ensemble. It was a navy blue cap that football players where under their helmets. Needless to say, he looks ridiculous.

11:11 in the fourth quarter
RJ takes over the PA announcing and after Corey Williams misses a shot he says "good job Corey, what are you 0-for-80 now?" To his credit, Williams was a respectable 5-11 for 12 points. Jefferson makes an amusing MC, but is not much of an analyst.

10:50 in the fourth quarter
A loose ball falls in Terry's lap while he sits on the bench and he drains it from the sideline.

9:00 in the fourth quarter
RJ taunts Gardner by calling him an "Oompa Loompa" and singing the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka.

8:30 in the fourth quarter
Turns out Tolbert's skullcap is actually a wireless camera, but it does not work real well.

6:54 in the fourth quarter
RJ: "They used to all me a defensive specialist because I had to guard whoever Gilbert was guarding too."

2:31 in the fourth quarter
I'd like to say first one to 150 will win, but it is 144-143 and it could push 160 in the next 2:00.

0:00 in the fourth quarter
Nope, it was 152 that sealed the win. Technically, the White was the first team to 150, so I wasn't completely wrong.

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