Light practice for the Cats

The Wildcats had a light practice Wednesday that turned out to be a surprisingly solid practice. The team performed in just helmets and shorts but were able to get a lot done in their second to last practice before Saturday's spring game.

This was a great practice," John Mackovic said following practice. "We were able to run some two-minute offense, some two-minute defense, some screens and draws. I thought the team did a terrific job working together. The players appear to have a good mind set. That's encouraging."

The team continued to fine tune, but worked more on execution than technique. The offense ran plays against "dummy" scouts carrying shields. There was no contact, except when an offensive player ran into one of the shields wielded by reserves. The drill allowed the offense to work on blocking schemes, timing and get a feel for different defensive sets.

The offense and defense combined to go through some 7-on-7 "skelly" drills. Both sides took turns with big plays and the drill was fairly balanced in terms of success. The offense found a lot of room to work with underneath routes, but were able to get some receivers open deep. While the defense was unable to grab any interceptions, they did defend a good number of passes.

Both Mike Bell and Gainus Scott had a number of nice grabs. Bell had one fantastic catch where he out jumped a defender and came down with the difficult grab. Ricky Williams made a great catch on fourth and 12 when he squeezed between two defenders for a tough grab.

The full teams then scrimmaged for a bit. The defense used a wide variety of fronts and formations, allowing both teams to prepare for various situations.

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