A coach's dream

He may very well be the top recruiting target for the Wildcat football team. Not just the top JUCO or the top in-state target, but the overall No. 1 target for the 2006 recruiting class. That's high praise, but so far he looks worth it.

Louis Holmes of Scottsdale Community College, is a soft spoken, well mannered individual who wreaks havoc on the football field. The All-American defensive end is a forced to be reckoned with, and would be an ideal addition to any top football program.

He's got amazing size and speed. At 6-6, 270 he's bigger than many D-I defensive tackles, but his 4.6 speed is what puts him at the defensive end. That's almost lining up a truck on the edge to attack the quarterback.

Holmes has offers pouring in from all the Pac-10 teams and all top 20 programs, but Holmes states that he is really not into all the hoopla.

"I just take it one day at a time. I am trying to get it done at Scottsdale first," Holmes says when talking about the recruiting process.

Holmes has ties to Tucson and The University of Arizona. Holmes is good friends with Wildcat hoopster Jesus Verdejo. Playing basketball together in Miami, the high school teammates became close. Holmes, who is also a well acclaimed basketball player, has formed a friendship with Hassan Adams. Meeting through a mutual friend at a tournament, the two also remain close. Holmes has been down to Tucson on a number of occasions to hang out with the pair.

Verdejo and Adams are trying to convince Holmes to make The University of Arizona his next home.

"They tell me that they that they want me to attend the U of A so we can all be together," said Holmes. "They also tell me that it is a good program with a lot of support from the community,"

Holmes says he is looking for a school with good defensive coaching. Eager to further develop his skills, he is looking for a particularly strong defensive ends coach. Holmes seems to enjoy practice, and tells me that individual period is his favorite because it lets him sharpen his skills.

Holmes knows that Arizona would be a good fit for him.

"I like coach (Mike) Stoops because he is a defensive oriented coach," he said. "I feel I can relate to him and learn more from a defensive standpoint."

Holmes also notes that he likes the player/coach relationships that have developed at Arizona, "The coaches are down to Earth. Players and coaches seem like they get along easily."

He also likes USC, LSU, Oklahoma and others.

What coach would not get along with Holmes, who has set some very high goals for himself as a football player? He has a desire to get better, loves individual instruction and actually enjoys practice. Add to that his natural ability and you have a coach's dream.

"This year my goal is to get 100 tackles and 20 sacks," said Holmes. In addition to the on-field goals, Holmes also has goals in the classroom. Holmes is intent to graduate and get his degree. Cat Tracks will monitor Holmes and Scottsdale CC all season long.

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