Post Fall Camp Evals: Offense

The Wildcats have concluded fall camp and now they prepare for the regular season. After attending the majority of the fall practices and both scrimmages I feel that I have a pretty good feel for the team. Today I start with the offense.

For this story we'll not only break down how each position performed in camp, but we'll give them a grade for how comfortable I feel for each spot using the following scale:

5– I love this group! I do not have few, if any, reservations about the unit.
4 – I really like this unit. There are few holes, maybe one iffy starter or a lack of depth, but for the most part this group is solid.
3 – I am confident, but not convinced. There is a lot of talent, but I still need them to prove it to me.
2 – I am a little worried. There is some good stuff here, but there are also some big questions.
1 – I am scared. This group is thin and lacks talent. Any free agents out there?
0 – I am convinced they could not compete against a high school team. How did this happen?

Richard Kovalcheck was shaky early in camp, but got better and better. He has shown nice touch and has made some plays, but he has also forced too many passes. He is best when he takes what the defense gives him and does not have to prove how strong his arm is. He is clearly the starter in my eyes, but must play well to keep the job.

Adam Austin played well. He can make plays, but is less consistent than Kovalcheck. A solid back-up who can help a team if pressed into duty. Willie Tuitama has the most tools to work with, but is a ways away from being a factor.

LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE: 2.5 I feel pretty good about Kovalcheck, but not convinced. I think either Austin or Tuitama could do a nice job in relief, but this team may need more than "nice" to go to a bowl.

The biggest concern is Mike Bell's health. He held onto the ball well and all of the backs had real good camps. I like the fact that they can send three different backs at defenses. Chris Henry has so much upside it is scary. The two rookies looked alright, but Xavier Smith is clearly ahead.

LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE: 4 This is a very good group. Bell has the potential to be a homerun hitter and Henry has a rare mix of speed and power. Throw in Gilbert Harris for the tough yards and you look pretty good.

The wideouts had a great camp. Mike Jefferson looks like a star, but he's had good camps before. Syndric Steptoe remains steady, while Michael Thomas looks like he could be an impact player. Anthony Johnson had a nice camp. Maybe the only disappointment is that B.J. Vickers did not dominate like he did at the start of the spring.

LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE: 3.5 I think this is a very nice unit. It remains to be seen if Jefferson is going to be able to keep this up and I would like to see a legitimate gamebreaker. Overall I think this will be the most improved group on campus.

This is a shaky group. Brad Wood and Travis Bell were great pass catchers in camp, but can they block? Both are a bit undersized and are not the most physical players. Ryan Kilpatrick may be the most pleasant surprise. He is both the strongest and the fastest of the tight ends, but has to prove that he has a good feel for the position. Brandyn McCall was limited in camp and how much of an impact he can make remains to be seen. Adam Grant has potential, but may be a year away.

LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE: 2.5 I'd feel better if McCall was healthy. Wood and Bell can catch, but I'd like to see more complete players at the spot. I think Kilpatrick has the potential to be pretty good.

A young group which will be better a year from now. Graniello and Lefotu are pretty good. Abramo works hard, but is he good enough at guard? I would have liked to see Adam Hawes, Tanner Bell or Brad Brittain really stake claim to the other tackle spot. All three did good things, but no one dominated. Blake Kerley and Erick Levitre really battled for the center spot, but they are not perfect. Kerley is a true freshman, while Levitre is an undersized walk-on. Two bright spots were Eben Britton and Daniel Borg. The two true freshmen look to be stars down the line.

LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE: 2.5 The talent is there, but this is an inexperienced group. This group could be very good, but we may have to wait and see..

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