Pick-up report

At the basketball pick-up games, one thing became perfectly clear. Mohamed Tangara is healthy, and looking good. While pick-up has a history of being very deceiving in terms of talent, Tangara showed great moves all throughout the afternoon, and I became less concerned about the hole made by Channing Frye's graduation.

While last week it was clear that the Cats are loaded at the wing, this time around it was clear that down low the UA is solid as well. Ivan Radenovic was not playing today, but his talent was evident last season. Isaiah Fox looks to have lost a lot of weight and looks much more comfortable on the inside.

Three players did not see action. Fendi Onobon, Jawann McClellan and Ivan Radenovic did not participate. Radenovic and McClellan did look on

Former Wildcat Corey Williams was ran with the team. The action sure makes the Cat Tracks staff anxious for the start of basketball season.

Mohamed Tangara

Clearly the stud of the day with a number of great boards and dunks. Tangara showed a strong ability to move to the basket with ease. It is pick-up which means we can't get too excited, but that was hard to do considering his performance. He scored mostly inside, but showed off a soft jump hook and a few nice cuts to the basket without the ball.

Hassan Adams

In past years there has been a large question surrounding the Wildcat teams over who would be the leader. This season there is no question as Adams is showing incredible support for his teammates, giving them advice when necessary, and constantly keeping the games moving. At times the players deferred to his decisions.

Adams played during every game on the evening, once again showing the skill of a potential player of the year finalist. The outside shot was falling and he was able to take players off the dribble.

Kirk Walters

Walters had a strong outing in pick-up grabbing boards and putting the ball in the hole. He did a nice job opening up lanes for his teammates and also showed a number of leadership qualities on the court similar to that of Adams.

Jesus Verdejo

Verdejo served notice that he will be a factor at the wing. He knocked down a few long range shots and moved well to the basketball, but his best moment came off a tomahawk slam in which the rest of the team was awe-struck and just enjoying the show.

Chris Rodgers

Rodgers had a great afternoon showing strong passing ability and knocking down some nice shots. Rodgers' range was never more evident than when he hit a couple 22-foot jumpers. He has really worked on his pull-up jumper, which is a little reminiscent of Salim Stoudamire's. He did a nice job limiting the over dribbling, which is a great sign.

J.P. Prince

Prince proved that he is easily one of the best defenders on the team. He forced turnovers and rarely failed to get a hand in the face of the shooter, and he showed that he can play the guard position with the best of them. His length is unbelievable and he can wreak havoc in the passing lanes.

Marcus Williams

Williams was not as active as he was last week. He passed more than he tried to score. He did not take a lot of long shots and only attacked the basket on a few occasions.

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