What is going on with B.J. Vickers ?

The Wildcat football team sure could have used B.J. Vickers against Utah. Even before kickoff rumors of why he missed the game ran rampant. Most of those stories were just speculation and rumor, but soon the real story began to materialize.

The tall wide receiver found out shortly before heading to Salt Lake City that the NCAA was reviewing his eligibility.

As of now his status is up in the air.

Officially the University cannot comment of Vickers' status. All coach Mike Stoops would say is that he had not been disciplined by the team or the University,

According to multiple of sources, Santa Monica City College has suspended Vickers' Associates Degree. It seems as this stems from coursework taken at the Los Angeles Tech College. The school is an accredited community college in Los Angeles, but in recent days their registrars office has come under investigation. As it was put to us by one source, "something's amiss" at the school.

Apparently there have been falsified transcripts coming out of the office. When news of the investigation made it's way to Santa Monica, the school quickly suspended the degrees of any student affiliated with the trade school.

Since his associates degree has been suspended, the NCAA could not certify him and has, in effect, suspended him. While the institution investigates his status, Vickers is ineligible to play at Arizona or any other D-I University.

It much be stated that it appears that neither Vickers nor the University did anything wrong. A source close to Vickers maintains that he took the classes in question and that the transcript he provided to Santa Monica CC was accurate.

Vickers now must wait on the NCAA. There are several outcomes to the situation. The easiest would be that Vickers provides further proof that he did the work at LATC to Santa Monica CC and the NCAA. The worst case scenario is that the NCAA declares him ineligible to play D-I ball.

Vickers was cleared by the University admissions office and took classes in the spring semester, the summer and has begun classes this fall. He is still enrolled in school and is in Tucson. He will appeal to the NCAA, but that could be a lengthy process. Barring a full loss of eligibility, Vickers should have three years to play two and if the process takes to long he may have to use a redshirt.

Numerous other students, including many student athletes have been affected by the investigation of the trade school. One source said the number could reach into the hundreds.

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