Schu Strings: Frappachinnos and fourth and five

After another frustrating football setback, much of the attention has been focused on a single decision: should Arizona have gone for it on fourth down and five just past midfield with a little more than three minutes left on the clock? While that's just the type of situation perfectly suited for debate, it overshadows far more significant issues.

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In his brief tenure at Arizona, head coach Mike Stoops has already been under the microscope, and seemingly on the wrong end of some controversial decisions. There was the Wisconsin game, where he could have attempted to try to drive deeper into Badger territory, thus setting up an easier field goal effort for Nick Folk, who as it turned out missed a 47-yarder on a wet field.

There was the Washington State game, where he could have decided to take a knee, but ran a play for Gilbert Harris instead. Harris fumbled the football, and WSU scored a late touchdown to win in shocking fashion.

And in Salt Lake, Stoops decided to forego fourth and five with just over three minutes left and one timeout in his pocket in an effort to play field position with the intent of pinning Utah deep in its own territory. The plan backfired, and by the time Arizona got the ball back, it was too far away from paydirt, and didn't have enough time to make up the real estate.

Some have suggested that Stoops' conservative tendencies belied his off-season rhetoric in regards to playing a more aggressive style. I think he was just playing the odds. Personally, I have nothing against him going for it on fourth and five, but in the same situation, I would have done what he did. Ultimately, the issue isn't the call. The more important concern here is that Arizona failed to execute, and thus, the decision backfired.

The Wildcats had three opportunities to make plays that would have lessened the focus on fourth and five.

Play one: If Arizona reels in a catchable pass on third and five, this entire issue is moot. Instead, receiver Anthony Johnson couldn't come up with the catch, and the UA was forced into a tough spot.

Play two: On the ensuing punt, all Danny Baugher has to do is keep the ball in play and pin Utah inside the 20. Instead, he booted it five yards into the end zone and Arizona's special teams never had a chance to make the play. As Stoops said on his weekly radio show, if he had known Baugher was going to punt it into the end zone, he probably would have gone on fourth and five.

Play three: Arizona's defense had to stop one guy: Utah running back Quentin Ganther, who finished the game with 127 rushing yards. This wasn't the Utah team from last year that fielded a confident quarterback, and it was pretty obvious the comfort level of new signal-caller Brian Johnson is still uncertain. Johnson isn't ready to beat you, so that made Gathner the team's only option. He promptly broke off a 20-plus yard run that pretty much sealed the UA's fate.

It's easy to say Arizona should have gone for it on fourth and five, but that automatically implies the UA would have done something it didn't accomplish in three late sequences: make a play. It's just as likely Utah blitzes and sacks quarterback Richard Kovalcheck as it is that he completes a pass for yardage to a wide open Michael Thomas or Syndric Steptoe. And if the play goes awry, what do we hear. Oh, Stoops should have punted.

In the end, it wasn't the call, but the execution that surrounded it, and that's what will determine the fate of this team this season. It's good to see that Arizona was resilient enough to close the gap. Now it must figure out what it takes to seal the deal when the outcome is on the line…

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