Tevaga Still Considering a Tucson Trip

Offensive Lineman Sonny Tevaga committed to UCLA back in June, but is not turning away all suitors. Even though UCLA is his "dream school" and his brother plays there, he is keeping his infinite options open. Arizona is one of the main schools he is looking at.

Height: 6-3 1/2
Weight: 330
40 time: 5.7
Bench: 350
Squat: 450
Clean: 315
From: Compton, California
High School: Dominguez

There are a few schools the big man is interested in visiting. "I like Colorado because a lot of teammates want to go there," said Sonny Tevaga. "I am also looking at Arizona, Washington, Utah, and BYU.

"Arizona is always sending me mail and I might try to take a trip there."

UCLA is the only school that has called this month. "The coaches at UCLA don't want me talking to other schools so even if they do call, I might not answer. I am committed to UCLA, I just might take a couple trips."

Tevaga states that if he is going to take another trip that it most likely won't be until after the season.

He will be playing at offensive tackle and tight end this fall. He will also see some spot-duty at defensive tackle. "This is my last year and I want to have some fun. I want to get more touchdowns than Richard Sherman," he laughed.

Dominguez takes on Bloomington in their season opener, tomorrow night.

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